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The Best Non Surgical Face Lift That You Can Have

People most often resort to quick fixes such as surgical face lifts to reverse the ravages that time has wreaked on their faces. But are they well worth your time, pain, and money? Or are there safer, inexpensive options that will nevertheless produce head-turning results? Read on to find out.

The Disadvantages Of Surgical Face Lifts


The biggest disadvantage of surgical lifts is the cost. One surgery is expensive enough to feed big starving families for years. The thing with plastic surgery is that you cannot just have it once and look the same for the rest of your life. No.

Surgical face lift is not a one-off procedure. You have to keep coming back for maintenance because its effects are not long lasting. That’s because it does not provide anything nourishing, strengthening, or toning to your face.

So you keep on blowing thousands of dollars on something that will just continue to bring back your pre-surgical face.


Another downside of plastic surgery is the number of risks involved in the procedure. Aside from being painful, scarring, bruising, swelling and bleeding can occur after the operation, as well as infection and adverse reaction to anesthesia. Recovery time is also rather long.

Botched operations are also not unheard of. The damages brought about by botched surgical face lifts are often irreversible.

Serious health complications can also occur following a surgical face lift such as stroke, heart attack, formation of blood clots, nerve damage, and pneumonia, most of which can possibly lead to an untimely death.

Some procedures are in between surgical and non surgical facelifts, which are minimally invasive treatments such as facial or tumescent liposuction, botulinum rejuvenation, and liquid face lifts that make use of injectable derma fillers such as restylane and juvederm.

These too have potential health risks and inevitable side effects no matter how temporary because they all make use of drugs and chemicals that the human body was never meant to tolerate.

Not All Non Surgical Face Lifts Are The Same

Due to the risks involved in surgical procedures people are exploring other face lift alternatives such as non surgical facelifts. But the thing is that not all non surgical face lifts are of the same nature.

There are actually two kinds of non surgical face lifts:

Non Surgical machinery

  • Being expensive and dependent on machinery. Some of these procedures have no downtime, but the results either wear off quickly or end up uneven.The risk involved in some systems is that if they go wrong, you would have to go for plastic surgery to reverse the unsatisfactory results.

Some of these procedures aim to heat the skin below the dermis layer in order to boost collagen production and reshape existing collagen by utilizing infrared or radiofrequency to produce a tightening and uplifted appearance of the skin.

Sounds harmless, but risks include unpleasant results such as swelling, formation of bumps, redness, blistering, permanent changes in pigmentation, scarring and skin depressions, which will not just be unsightly but will also cause you to be emotionally disturbed.

So beware going for treatments that use newly invented machines that have not been tested or studied for long-term effectiveness and safety.

A certain degree of shame is attached to going for a surgical face lift whether people admit or not because it is a telltale sign of excessive vanity. But people still tend to somewhat judge people who undergo expensive non surgical face lifts subconsciously.

But fret not. There is another kind of facelift without surgery that is cheap, risk-free, effective, and does not have any stigma attached to it—a natural face lift, so to speak.

Why You Should Choose Natural Face Lifting By Exercise?

The aforementioned treatments above will require a lot of maintenance involving a lot of time and money that you can both allocate for things that are more essential such as saving up for the future.

All of the downsides of such facial treatments just amount to one thing: their unreasonableness.

There is nothing practical about them.

  • Firstly, As what was previously mentioned you lose a lot of money because these procedures are anything but cheap.
  • Second is you have to go out of your way to go to the clinic that offers these kinds of services.
  • Third is that most procedures entail a lot downtime. There is no downtime involved in face exercises. You can get back to work, do your grocery, or go out on a date right after performing them.

What this natural face lift does is to correct one of the underlying causes of the problem, which is loss of muscle tone and firmness.

Add up lifestyle changes that greatly help in losing face fat and what you have is a powerful combination of all-natural means that will deliver an outcome that is both more than skin-deep and long lasting.

No facial muscle is left out in a well-designed facial exercise program. Such program includes exercises that work on specific facial muscles at a time to give you the exact kind of lift you think your face needs.

This is why in as little as one month you will already notice changes in your facial contours by regularly following a good facial exercise program.

In several months the changes will look a lot more obvious and dramatic. The consequences, without exaggeration, can be life changing. Aside from getting compliments from people around you, you will also feel good about yourself because you worked hard for it without any machine’s or doctor’s help.

With face exercises your room is your clinic and you are your own surgeon. You are the one in control. Face exercises will enhance what you have, and not make you look like somebody else, which is the objective of a lot of people going for surgery.

It celebrates your uniqueness because it brings out your own features, the transformation not serving as a homage to somebody else’s.

With face exercises, you’re the one who shines, and no doctor can take your money or any credit for it.

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