Facial Exercises

Face Yoga To Rejuvenate Your Looks

Many people share the goal of wanting to age well and with face yoga as part of your anti-aging regime you an help yourself to realistically achieve this goal.

Facial yoga exercises differ slightly to other facial exercises as they have their basis in traditional yoga techniques and teachings and sometimes incorporate breathing exercises.

Why Perform Yoga For The Face?

Over time, as we age, the collagen and elastin levels in our skin begin to diminish leading to a more haggard and older appearance. Drooping and sagging may occur, wrinkles appear, the complexion can become duller and puffiness can be found in areas under the eyes, chin and jaw line.

Face yoga exercises can help to prevent the signs of facial aging and also help to restore and rejuvenate a face that is already showing the signs of aging.

Face yoga is a positive and natural way to improve your looks and with regular practice you can maintain and re-establish the contours of your face and regain a healthy, youthful glow.

We All Have To Put Our Best Face Forward

Your face is the one part of your body you cannot hide and it is used as your primary source of communication, so having a face that looks as good as possible helps us to feel confident. We all want to feel that whatever our age may be we still look the best we possibly can.

Facial yoga helps to promote self-esteem and self-confidence because it is a proactive way to take care of your appearance without having to resort to expensive surgery. The cumulative results of a tighter, toned face and a more vibrant complexion will also add to your confidence.

The Benefits Of Face Yoga Include:

  • Improved circulation to the face resulting in an improved complexion both in color and texture
  • Improved appearance of problem areas such as jowls, hollow cheeks, puffy eyes and double chin
  • Toned facial and neck muscles
  • Facial tension is relieved and this can improve headaches and neck pain
  • Promotion of self confidence and self esteem from the results of a better facial appearance

Yoga Exercises For Face Rejuvenation

As with yoga for the body, yoga for the face works on building muscle strength, stamina and flexibility. Just as you would work out and tone your biceps, triceps or abs so too can you exercise your face and neck muscles.

Without exercise muscles become flabby and weak in any part of the body, so it makes sense to keep the muscles of your face exercised to keep this part of your body looking toned and healthy too.

3 Facial Yoga Exercises

Exercise 1 – Lion Pose

The lion pose stretches the jaw by working and toning the platysma muscle that helps to move the front of the neck/throat.

Performing this exercise will prevent wrinkling of the neck skin and also helps to relieve tension in this area.

  • Kneel on the floor and sit comfortably back on your heels
  • Put your hands on your knees
  • Breathe in through your nose
  • As you exhale open your mouth wide but comfortably wide
  • Stick your tongue out
  • Stretch the tip of your tongue down towards your chin
  • Say ‘ahhh’ open your eyes wide and look upwards
  • Repeat three to five times

Exercise 2 – Clenched Teethed Smile

This face yoga exercise helps to improve and increase circulation to the facial skin and aids the release of facial tension.

  • Clench your teeth together
  • Open your lips as wide as you possibly can and smile with your teeth still clenched
  • Feel the stretch in your cheeks, chin, mouth and neck
  • Hold this position for a count of five
  • Repeat three to five times

Exercise 3 – Lower Face Stretch

This facial exercise offers multiple benefits. It gives the muscles of your shoulders, neck and jaw a stretch and also reduces the appearance of sagging jowls and double chins. As an additional bonus it can help to improve your posture.

  • Sit comfortably with your back straight
  • Bend your left arm up over your head clasping your right ear with your left palm
  • Bend your head to the left and gently apply pressure to your right ear with the palm of your hand.
  • Maintain this position for a count of ten
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Repeat three times on each side

When combined with a healthy diet, face yoga or any facial exercises are an easy way to improve your appearance. This is an entirely natural route to looking good and will leave you with an improved appearance that does not look artificial.

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