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Do Under Eye Wrinkles Detract from Your Natural Good Looks?

Everywhere you look, you see Americans getting on the fitness band wagon. You see fitness centers in nearly every neighborhood of every city. And now you can find them in small rural communities as well. Out on the streets people are jogging or power walking. And in the malls you find the dedicated mall walkers. Today many corporate offices even offer gym facilities for their employees. This is a wonderful trend which hopefully will continue to grow. However, in all of this fitness craze, one part of the body seems to have been left wanting – and that is the facial area. Whoever heard of facial fitness?Facial fitness is a relatively new concept in the fitness scene, but is certainly welcome.

Who doesn’t want their facial features to become more toned and fit?

There are many aspects to working with the facial muscles to firm them up and getting rid of unwanted sags and wrinkles. One of those problem spots that seems to be impossible to eliminate is wrinkles under eyes.

We know that in our world today there are more air pollutants than ever before. This is especially true if you live in a metropolitan area where there are more emissions from vehicles and manufacturing facilities.

These pollutants, together with loss of moisture and loss of elasticity in the skin, are what cause the sensitive area beneath the eye to wrinkle.

The eyes are an important facial feature simply because that’s where people look when talking to you. When you look in the mirror and see the eye wrinkles, you may become a little self conscious about them. What to do?  Is there any eye wrinkle treatment that actually works?

Eye Cream

Most people who are looking for an effective under eye wrinkle treatment will begin with a wrinkle cream. This is the easiest, quickest, and usually least expensive route to take. However, not too many creams live up to their claims. Unfortunately, eye wrinkle removers are mostly hype.

Be sure to read labels. Look for such ingredients as alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids are used in a greater concentration in chemical peels, which are performed by licensed dermatologists.

They are used in a lesser concentration in an eye cream but it is still somewhat effective. Retin-A and estrogen are two more active ingredients that may prove effective in your quest of how to get rid of under eye wrinkles.

Non-Invasive Treatments

How to get rid of eye wrinkles using a non-invasive treatment is what many people are looking for. Several are available which will be less expensive than plastic surgery.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that uses aluminum oxide micro crystals. These tiny crystals sandblast your skin (very gently). Not only does it leave the skin smooth, it also stimulates the collagen production. The procedure takes only a short time and needs no “downtime.”

Laser treatments are similar to microdermabrasion except the laser light has the capability to concentrate on a smaller area, which means it is good for the smaller area beneath the eye.

Botox is another non-invasive under eye wrinkle treatment. A small injection of Botox works to fill in otherwise loose and wrinkled skin. This is a viable option simply because it leaves the skin with a younger, fresher look.

Each of these should be administered only by a trained medical professional or cosmetic surgeon.

Plastic Surgery

For some, the answer to under eye wrinkles lies in cosmetic surgery called an eye lift.

This procedure involves the cutting, pulling and tightening of the loose skin around the eyes, which will remove the existing wrinkles. This is by far the most permanent of all the remedies mentioned.

However, it is not without risk. Keep in mind that this is an extremely sensitive area. Nerve damage has been known to happen during such surgery.

If the is the route you want to take, do your homework. Seek out a reputable, licensed plastic surgeon who specializes in this area. Ask for references.

Eye Exercises

In your daily fitness regimen, you may want to include your eye exercises as a type of eye wrinkle home remedy. Here is just one that could work to remove under eye wrinkles.

Close your eyes and raise your brows as high as you possibly can. Hold this pose to the count of ten.

Next stretch your entire face by dropping your lower jaw and arching your brows with your eyes open. Do this to the count of ten.

Use your ring finger to gently massage the under eye area. First to the left, then to the right. Make gentle motions. You don’t want to irritate the skin, but only to stimulate it.

If you repeat these exercises three time a day, you may have discovered your very own eye wrinkle treatment. When doing these exercises at home in the evening, you may want to follow by lying down and placing cool cucumber slices over your closed lids.


To head off the eye wrinkles be sure to use a vitamin-enriched moisturizer on the area around the eyes every night after removing makeup.

If you must be out in the sun wear sunglasses to protect this sensitive area.

This is especially important if you must drive into the sun every day going to and from work. Facing the sun cause squinting and frowning, this in turn creates the subsequent wrinkles.

Summing Up

Facial fitness is an area of fitness has too long been ignored. Lack of knowledge and understanding has left people thinking they have little choice when it comes to facial problem. It is what it is, they sayBut as you can see from this article, that’s not true.

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