Jaw and Neck Exercises

Lose Your Double Chin And Smooth Your Neck With Facial Exercise

What’s Giving Your True Age Away?

One of the easiest ways to work out a person’s true age is to look at their neck.

The skin on your neck has fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on your face making it prone to premature aging. And if you have a double chin that appears to be connected to your neck you’ll look older still.

Many people spend hours, and hard earned money, using products that protect the skin on their faces but fail to look after the skin on their necks.

If you want to look good as you age it makes sense to include your neck in your beauty regime by remembering to always keep this area moisturized and protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

How To Lose A Double Chin

Regularly massaging the neck and chin with a natural moisturizer helps to improve circulation and blood flow to this part of your body.

It also helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck and chin and this in turn can help to prevent the formation of jowls, sagging of the jaw line and reduce a double chin.

It is also a good idea to include neck exercises and double chin exercises into your anti-aging regime, as a firm neck and toned chin will help you to maintain that desirable youthful appearance.

If you have a double chin the first thing you need to do is look at your weight.

If you are overweight then simply losing a few pounds may help to improve the problem. You may still need some extra help to firm and tone the skin of the chin and neck after you lose weight and this is where facial exercises can help you – more on this later…

If you are not overweight then it could be water retention that is causing the problem. In this case you should take a look at your diet as certain foods cause bloating and puffiness of the face.

Foods to avoid if facial puffiness is a problem for you include:

⇒ Yeast-based products such as bread, wine and beer
⇒ Sugary foods including cakes and biscuits
⇒ Malted foods
⇒ Foods containing moulds such as blue cheese and mushrooms
⇒ Vinegar-based products such as pickles, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce
⇒ Alcohol

Facial Exercises For Chin And Neck

Many people want to know how to lose a double chin without resorting to expensive surgical procedures. The good news is that chin and neck exercises are a simple and easy way to maintain a smooth and attractive neck and reduce a double chin.

Chin and neck exercises are easy to learn and provide a natural solution to preventing the signs of aging, no intrusive procedures, no high cost to you. All you need is the ‘know how’ and a mirror to practice in front of!

When performing facial exercises make sure that you are standing or sitting comfortably in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself and be sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

Neck Exercises For Double Chin

For double chin reduction try the following exercises:

Exercise 1

This exercise helps to tone up a double chin by increasing circulation and blood flow to the area.

  • Using the back of your hands tap and brush under your chin
  • Alternate each hand
  • Build up speed
  • Perform up to 100 times

Exercise 2

This exercise helps to tone the muscles along the chin and jaw and helps to reduce or prevent a double chin.

  • Put both thumbs under the chin and apply firm pressure
  • Push the skin of your chin in a downward direction
  • Continue symmetrically along the length of the jaw line moving out from the chin towards the ears

Exercise 3

This exercise gives the jaw line a tough workout to tone the muscles of the chin and jaw.

  • Open your mouth
  • Move your bottom lip over your bottom row of teeth
  • Open and close your mouth working the lower facial muscles
  • You will feel a ‘tightening’ sensation under the chin
  • Repeat 20 times

Exercises For Tightening The Neck

As we already know the neck can betray our true age faster than the rest of the face. Performing the following neck and throat exercises on a regular basis will help to keep the area firm and toned.

Exercise 1

This exercise helps to keep the skin of the neck looking smooth and toned, as an added bonus it can also help to reduce a double chin.

  • Place your hands on your neck under your jaw line to locate the muscles used in this exercise
  • Open your mouth slightly
  • Using the muscles at the corners of the mouth, pull the mouth downwards to make a ‘sad’ face
  • You should feel the muscles of the neck and jaw contract
  • Repeat 10 times

Exercise 2

This exercise works the muscles at the front of the neck to strengthen and tone them.

  • Place one hand on your forehead
  • Push your head forwards
  • Simultaneously resist this movement and feel the stretch in the front of the neck
  • Repeat 5 to 10 times

Exercise 3

This exercise helps to gently stretch the neck giving it an elongated, sleek look. You need to perform this exercise standing up.

  • Stand in a relaxed position with your back straight but soft, shoulders down and arms by your sides
  • Imagine a string at the top of your head is pulling your head upwards slightly
  • With your chin slightly above your jaw line turn your head to the left
  • Hold the gaze and slowly tilt your chin downwards towards your left shoulder
  • Raise your head slowly and bring it back to the middle
  • Repeat to the right side
  • Repeat the entire sequence up to 5 times

A Graceful Neck Can Be Yours

Achieving a toned neck and eliminating a double chin is possible with simple neck and chin exercises.

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