Facial Exercises

The Next Step After Facial Exercises: A Well-Toned Body To Match

You have stuck to your Facial Exercise Program now for a few weeks or more. You’re seeing the benefits of facial exercises and many people are giving you positive comments.

Some of those comments include ones like these:

  • “Wow! I don’t know what you’re doing, but tell me now because I want those results.”
  • “You don’t look tired at all. I know you said you were tired, but it’s not showing.”
  •  “Did you have a facelift or something? Something’s different and I can’t figure it out.”

As you spend the next five minutes explaining about the new facial exercise program you started, your friends are fascinated at how you can get such great results.Don’t give up and think you’ve reached the pinnacle of success yet. There’s much more success waiting; the benefits of a facial exercise program get better the longer you do them.

In fact, if you check out the faces of some women who have used facial exercises for years, you’ll see they look 20 or 30 years younger than other women their age. The bottom line is that they work.

But there is something else to be concerned about.

Mismatched Bodies And Faces

You can have a very youthful looking face but if your body looks old and decrepit, what’s the point?

It’s as if there’s a beautiful face sitting on top of a broomstick.

You’re going to have to match your body with your youthful face. How will you do it?

The answer is with weights.

Actually, you may not know it but you can transform your body in 90 days. That’s about the same amount of time it takes to see excellent results with the facial exercises in the facial exercise program you’re using right now.

Types Of Results You Can Expect

Your body may look flabby and fluffy or packed solid with extra layers of fat right now. It can be sculpted in 90 days where muscles and muscle definition is seen.

It may be the first time in your life you ever saw the wonders of how your body could look but it’s well worth the small amount of effort.

The truth is that hundreds of thousands of people have used very specific exercise programs for their body to become a lean-looking, phenomenal human machine.

This isn’t about vanity, though. It’s really about you matching your face with your body. Because, think about it, what do you think when you see someone who looks young in the face but their body is flabby or not well-defined?

You think, “Wow, imagine the possibilities if the body matched the face!”

If you can do facial exercises, you can also do body sculpting exercise.

When you work out regularly on a body-building program to match your face exercise program, you can forget about these myths:

1. Women who look muscular look like men.
2. The results of a program like this are only to look good.
3. To get sculpted, it takes too much time.

Women Who Look Muscular Look Like Men

To get to the point where every muscle stands out, you would have to initiate severe forms of dieting that eliminate fat. It would be very unusual for you to lose this extra fat unless you did exactly that.

However, working out with a body sculpting program only makes your clothes fit your body a lot differently – and better. It helps you decrease clothes sizes, too.

If you’ve always been a size 12, get ready for a size 7. Sure, it will take awhile to achieve this, but when your body is well-toned, clothes sizes drop.

And when that happens, your youthful pretty face matches your body.

The Results Of A Program Like This Are Only To Look Good

Again, we come down to the idea that some women have that vanity isn’t good.

Vanity isn’t good, but it’s actually vain thinking in another way to believe that your body can look its absolute worst and that’s okay. In this case, the vanity is about letting yourself go.

When your body is well-toned and muscles are strong, you spend less effort (and have less pain) in movement. Is that really vain? You’d be alone in your thinking if you believed it was.

Vanity is when you look good and say, “Look at me!” It’s when you do things only for the sake of looking good. And that’s not you.

We’re in a society where you are expected to take the latest technological changes and use them to your advantage. If you don’t, you will often be bypassed by people who are younger.

You’ll feel better and be mentally uplifted every time you look in the mirror at your body that’s changing.

This is a good thing – imagine the damage that is occurring when you purposefully avoid looking at your body because it’s not what it should look like.

Think of the damage done multiple times during the day when you catch a glimpse of how your body looks – like when getting undressed to shower or to go to bed, or putting on clothes that are too tight and don’t fit.

All that stress and frustration is removed when you sculpt your body.

To Get Sculpted, It Takes Too Much Time

Again, here we have technological advancements in muscle science that can be applied to decrease the time it takes to look good. Thirty years ago, bodybuilders spent 4 to six hours in the gym daily.

Now we know that it only takes one hour three times a week – and that includes drive time. The average amount of time a workout session takes is 42 to 45 minutes for weights.

And if you’re looking at cardio activity three other times a week, it only takes 20 minutes. You don’t have to slave over a treadmill or exercise bike for an hour. Do it right and it only takes 20 minutes.

As you can see, there are distinct benefits of a body sculpting program to accompany your face exercise program. The bottom line is your body and face are matched – and both are beautiful!

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