Facial Exercises

2 Ways To Do Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises is similar to doing exercises for your body.

When you go to the gym, your body’s muscles end up shaping up. You look better and better if you keep it up.

And then one day, you end up looking great!

All your friends comment that you never looked better and you’re feeling as if you are on top of the world. It’s a great place to be.

The Problem Of Working Out In The Gym

But there’s a potential problem with your body looking this good: your face may need to match the spectacular results of your body.

Working out your body doesn’t work out the muscles of your face. There are no exercise machines at the gym that will isolate your face muscles.

The Solutions Are There

So what will you do? What are the options?

At the health club, there are three options for you. You could:

1. Work out doing specific exercises on an exercise mat for different body parts.

2. Work out using weight-resistant machines specially designed for different body parts.

Will all these work for your facial exercises?

Actually the answer is no. Hydraulic machines have not been invented for exercising the facial muscles yet. But the other two options are viable for facial exercises.

Option 1: Specific Exercises For The Face

Facial Exercise

There are facial exercise programs already put together that you could use on your own in front of a mirror.

The advantages of these programs are:

1. You can do them on your own with minimal training.

2. They often have video training to accompany the manual.

3. You can determine how much to do, and when.

However, everything has disadvantages. Here are a few disadvantages of these programs:

1. Getting trained one-on-one is best if you want to insure that you are doing the facial exercises correctly. (You need a personal trainer for the face.)

2. If you do them on your own without training, you could perform them incorrectly and end up worsening your wrinkles.

3. Since you are not familiar with this type of exercise, it’s possible you could overdo your facial exercise sessions. This won’t kill you – but it may discourage you from continuing.

Your best way to make this method work is to initially have someone train you in a one-on-one session.

The movements of a facial exercise program are foreign to women when they start these exercises. So it just makes sense to have a temporary coach or mentor.

Option 2: Resistance Exercise For Your Face

The second way to get started on your facial exercise program is to use a gadget that actually trains the muscles for you.

It’s definitely the lazy person’s way to do facial exercises because a handheld gadget is held over a muscle that makes it contract.

This method isn’t exactly resistance exercise in the strictest meaning, but the contractions that occur automatically are definitely something that cannot be stopped once they start unless you move the gadget away from the muscle.

The gadget is battery-operated as its power source. The battery provides the electrical signal that is fired into the muscles to make them contract. The muscle contracts for a specified amount of time, usually 30 seconds up to two or three minutes.

Then you move on to another muscle group in the face until you have finished. Your facial exercises are finished in about 10 to 15 minutes.

The advantages of a gadget like this are below:

1. Contraction is guaranteed to happen once you place the gadget on the muscle group.

2. The company provides a training video to show you what to do.

3. The company also provides a training one-sheet with a photo of where to place the gadget so you can’t get it wrong.

4. Usually you are given a company phone number in case you have any questions.

5. You will definitely see results in your face with a pinker complexion as the blood circulation has been improved.

The disadvantages of a gadget like this are here:

1. If you need explicit instructions, it’s difficult to get them because an authority cannot be watching you do the exercises unless you can connect with skype.

2. If your funds are limited, the gadget, which can cost a couple hundred dollars, may be out of your budget.

3. You may still make a mistake by performing too many facial contractions in the muscle group at too high of an electrical charge, causing wrinkles by too many contractions in the muscle.

This could make you discouraged and want to give up before you see results.

4. You may feel too much sensitivity when you dial up the contraction, and end up staying at a minimal level that doesn’t produce results. The type of contraction feels like a sensation of pins and needles and is not that uncomfortable.

Either method works, but as you can see, you still have to have the knowledge about how to do it properly. Once you get over the learning curve hump for either one of the facial exercises programs, you are on your way to have more a more youthful look.

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