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Can Laser Add Benefits To Your Facial Exercise Progress – Or Ruin It?

If you are weighing the benefits of laser resurfacing versus a facial exercise program, this article is for you. Perhaps you have discovered a facial exercise program recently just after you started wondering what you could do to feel better about your looks.

Benefits of a Facial Exercise Program

If you started the facial exercise program and experienced a few sessions already, you may have seen these differences in your face:

▸ Your skin had greater blood flow and looked pinker.

▸ The muscles of your face felt tired, probably for the first time in your life.

▸ Muscles that were sagging seemed a little perkier.

▸ Your eyelids that were drooping seem to be tighter and your eyes look more alive and open.

▸ You don’t look as tired as before.

▸ You like to look in the mirror again, anxious to see more changes.

These are common benefits of a facial exercise program.

What Is Laser Resurfacing?

But if you feel that your progress is still light years away, you may also consider laser resurfacing.

What this medical treatment is has been recently discovered by women of all ages. The doctor uses a laser beam of bright light, lightly passing the beam over the skin on your face.

Since the skin cells are layers thick and the outer layers of the skin are dead skin cells, it’s these dead skin cells that are vaporized. The result is the uncovering of new skin cells underneath the epidermis, which have a fresher and healthier look.

The skin has this fresher and healthier look because superficial wrinkles found in the cell layers removed by laser are gone. Scars of uneven skin tones also may be gone with the laser.

The doctor can determine how many skin layers deep to laser away based on experience with dozens or even hundreds of patients.

Specifically, the energy produced by the laser is rapidly absorbed by water in the cells. This spreads the heat of the laser to other cells nearby.

As long as the correct laser is used, there won’t be any wounds to the skin. And a great benefit is that the laser stimulates the layer of skin with collagen to grow again.

This can be a big plus for those who have used corticosteroids, which destroy the collagen layer.

Results For Laser Resurfacing Are Not Overnight

A stimulation of the collagen layer will plump up the skin and definitely make you look younger. However, this is not the beginning result when you look in the mirror after the procedure.

Your skin will be reddened and there may be little scabs as well.

Some other considerations include the following:

  • You can’t wear make-up for at least 7 days and possibly 14 days.
  • You may have swelling in your face for at least a few days as well.
  • Sometimes, the skin looks oddly discolored, either with a loss of pigmentation or too much brown pigmentation.
  • You must stay out of the sun for at least 6 weeks until healing is complete.

Laser Resurfacing Is Not A Total Savior Either!

The thing to remember about laser resurfacing is that it will not eliminate jowls or skin that is hanging as in excess skin.

However, that’s where the facial exercise program comes into the picture. Facial exercises could end up decreasing the appearance of jowls.

A Possible Solution From Both Worlds

So what should you do?

Well, if you were looking for a quick fix to jowls, the only one that will truly work is plastic surgery, and with this option, you will have to wait six to eight weeks for your healing to be completed.

Meanwhile, though, you could be working your facial exercise program exercises, reducing jowls in this manner.

In six to eight weeks, you might have quite a bit of progress seen in the jowls when you look in the mirror – and without the risk of surgery or side effects from the surgery.

The decision has to be yours of what you really want to do. Laser resurfacing can make you look healthy and full of vim and vigor, but how will you maintain it without a facial exercise program?

No one wants to be back in the doctor’s office every 6 to 12 months for the rest of their life!

But with a facial exercise program, you can control your aging. You can control how fast you reverse your own aging to an extent.

Making progress every day or at least five times a week, you can be assured of continual movement towards your goal of a younger you.

So should you use laser resurfacing and a facial exercise program together? This may be your best alternative of all.

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