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Anti-wrinkle Treatment Wars

Are you one of those who has declared war on the wrinkles? Where did they all come from? And how did it happen so fast? Everything is going alone fine, and all of a sudden one day it hits you. There are a lot more wrinkles, lines, and creases in your face than you ever noticed before. Now you are wondering, What’s the most effective anti wrinkle treatments that I can invest in?

Is one any better than the other? And how will I know one wrinkle treatment from another?

Before searching out the best wrinkle treatment, let’s take a little detour and find out exactly what happens in the body to create the wrinkles in the first place.

Oxidation And Aging

There is a process that your body goes through each and every day. It’s called oxidation. You’ve probably heard of oxidation as it refers to metal – that oxidation creates rust on the metal.

Oxidation happens when oxygen combusts within your body. It then produces by-products known as free radicals.

Without going into clinical details a free radical is simply an incomplete cell. An incomplete cell is unstable and will cause harm to other cells around it.

If left to their own devices, free radicals will cause damage in the body and thus cause aging. (It’s been suggested that too many free radicals in the body is actually a cause of cancer.)

One aspect of that aging process is loss of elasticity in the skin – or wrinkles.

Can You Rely On Quick Solutions?

Most people go on a search for anti wrinkle treatment that will provide quick solutions. Such treatments may include various creams, serums, injections, implants and even facelifts.

While seeking out various best wrinkle treatments, a very important detail is omitted from this equation. Why not learn some of the causes that contribute to oxidation of the skin?

If you begin with the root cause you can wage a much more effective – and winnable – war!

Causes Of Oxidation

Some of the causes of oxidation in the body include smoking, alcohol intake, processed foods, refined sugar, and yes even stress.

A high level of ongoing stress is known as oxidative stress. This kind of stress (much different than short-lived bouts of stress) produces even more free radicals in the body and results in a lower immune system and compromised health.

A lower immune system robs the face of its healthy, robust glow. Instead the skin will look pale and pasty.

Begin Making Real Life Changes

If you are truly serious about maintaining a youthful appearance, which means keeping wrinkles to a minimum, the first step is to recognize the root problem and begin making changes.

The most basic changes include adopting a healthy diet and incorporating relaxation sessions, and regular exercise routine. All of these lifestyle changes work as anti-oxidants that will slow the aging process. Let’s look at a few other anti-oxidants.

1. Vitamin C

Since it’s been proven that vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant, you will see many deep wrinkle treatment products that claim to contain this essential vitamin. This sounds great.

However, when in contact with air and other oxidizing agents, the vitamin C itself will be transformed to an oxidized form. The so-called vitamin-C enhanced wrinkle treatment product will not be effective.

In spite of the advertising claims, it will not scavenge free radicals as a topical wrinkle treatment. Additionally, to be effective the vitamin C must be highly concentrated. This is seldom the case in most wrinkles treatment creams.

The better alternative, the more natural wrinkle treatment, is to purposefully include more vitamin C in the diet. This can be in the form of fresh (raw) fruits and vegetables, and along with that you may also want to take natural vitamin C supplements.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and is an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to build up the immune system. Avoid the bottled products.

Rather purchase genuine green tea either as loose tea or in tea bags. The flavor may be new to you, but take the time to grow accustomed.

A cup of hot green tea with lemon and honey is a great way to begin the day. (In the orient people drink as many as three cups of green tea per day!)

3. CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) is another great antioxidant that is less expensive than the best wrinkle treatments.

Consumed either as a supplement or in food products this enzyme is an excellent antioxidant.

It’s also good for the heart; and what’s good for the heart means more effective blood flow. The better the blood flow the healthier the skin!

While there are many foods that contain CoQ10, apples are one of the more common. Try avoiding the donuts in the break room at work and grab a fresh apple instead.

4. Small Red Beans

Can you think of any food product less expensive than dried beans? And yet the small red bean (similar to the kidney bean only smaller) has been shown to be the highest source of antioxidants in the world. Now that’s some food power.

Summing Up

What if over the next few months, you made a concerted effort to slowly weed out the things in your life that promote oxidation – or accelerated aging? And at the same time, you began to incorporate some of the lifestyle changes suggested here.

Wrinkles won’t go away simply because you purchased the most expensive anti wrinkle treatments on the shelf – even if you use it every morning and evening without fail. That’s because the aging of the skin is not reversed by a topical substance.

True, wrinkles can be removed by surgery and implants. But are you willing to pay the price and incur the risks?

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