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Why Can’t I Get Rid of Puffy Eyes?

Eyes have been said to be the “window to the soul.” Whether or not that’s true, we do know that beautiful eyes that are clear and sparkling can be a prominent beauty feature. Women spend large sums of money on eye makeup and go to great lengths to make the eyes more attractive.

However, puffy eyes give a person a tired, aged appearance and the condition can be of great concern. You may feel almost desperate to know how to get rid of puffy eyes – especially if you’ve tried all the best advertised eye creams with little or no positive results.The area around the eyes is super sensitive. Not only is the skin very thin, but it’s full of blood vessels. The most basic of puffy eyes causes is simply retention of fluids around the eye.

You might be thinking that’s all fine, well and good. But what you really want to know is if there’s anything you can do to get rid of puffy eyes.

There are any number of puffy eye remedies, but first it only makes sense to take a closer look at your lifestyle and see if there are any clues as to the cause for your puffy eyes.

Fluid Retention

Let’s look at one of the more common causes and that is fluid retention. One of the biggest culprits causing water retention is a diet high in sodium.

Nutritionists tell us that Americans consume as much as five times the daily recommended amount of sodium in their diet.

If your diet consists of mostly processed foods (which are high in salt content) and soft drinks (which are high in sodium) then the chances for fluid retention in your body is extremely high.

If you have a habit of indulging in salty snacks shortly before bedtime you may experience puffy eyes in the morning.


In this world we live in we are constantly bombarded by toxins.

Toxins are in the air, in the water, in beauty products, in the foods we eat (containing long lists of chemical additives – names we cannot even pronounce) and sometimes in the clothing we wear.

Among all of this could be the problem causing your puffiness under eyes.

Ridding the body of toxins is a process known as detoxification (or detox for short). Getting rid of toxins could be the answer to getting rid of puffy eyes.

There are many rather complex detox programs that include, among other things, fasting and juicing.

However, for the sake of this short article, let’s look at simple detox processes that could help reduce puffy eyes. Set a time frame – perhaps five to seven days for your own detox program.

Create Your Own Detox Program

Begin by making it a point to eliminate as many obvious toxins as possible such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugars and saturated fats. At the same time reduce the use of chemically laden personal care and cleaning products.

Now discipline yourself to drink fresh water. Keep bottles of water handy at all times. Water is one of the best and easiest ways to flush unwanted toxins out of the body. Within a day or so, you’ll feel your brain begin to clear. The state of dehydration allows foggy thinking to set in.

Maintain a diet consisting mostly of raw fruits and vegetables during the detox time. Avoid all fast foods and so-called junk foods. This diet modification will allow your liver and your digestive system to go into a restful state. The body will begin to cleanse itself.

Body brushing helps to stimulate the skin, cleanse pores, and oxygenates the body. It’s like a detox of the skin area. Body brushes can be purchased at any health food store.

Because the skin is breathing better, the oxygenation process is eliminating toxins. Imagine yourself bushing all of the stress and worry away – out of your life.

One other remedy for puffy eyes through detox is to concentrate on deep breathing. Have you ever taken special notice of your breathing? Do you breathe deep or shallow?

Most people take very shallow breaths – and when highly stressed the breathing become even more shallow. Select various times during the day when you can spend a minute or two in deep breathing exercises.

The higher your awareness of your own breathing patterns, the more you will find yourself craving those deep gulps of oxygen. And think of all the toxins in the body that are being eliminated!

Home Remedies

There are just a few of the possibilities of what causes puffy eyes. Others might include lack of quality sleep, allergies, or face fat.

If you’ve tried all the expensive treatments to no avail, you may want to try a few home remedies for puffy eyes.

Cucumbers are a natural astringent – use them to shrink the swelling of a puffy eye. Lie down in a restful state. Place a cooled cucumber slice over each closed eye for ten minutes or so at a time.

For a quicker remedy, place a rounded metal teaspoon in the refrigerator. After it becomes cold take it out and then place it against your eye. The cold metal with help reduce the swelling.

Every morning as you are getting ready for your day, use your middle finger and press gently along the area of the eyebrow, then continue pressing around the eye socket.

As you are pressing you are stimulating the lymphatic system which in turn works to drain the excess fluid. If you do this simple eye massage on a daily basis you will see a definite reduction in puffy eyes.

Summing Up

If you are in a dilemma of what to do about your puffy eyes, hopefully the ideas and suggestions listed here will help you to see the situation is not hopeless.

You’ve been introduced to a number of solutions as to how to reduce puffy eyes.

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