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Face Lift Versus Facial Exercise – Why The Natural Way Is Better

Want To Look Younger?

We all know that eventually the signs of aging will show up on our faces. None of us can escape time and even those blessed with excellent genes or those who have meticulously followed all the anti-aging advice to the letter will end up with some degree of sagging and wrinkling somewhere along the line.

When faced with an aging reflection in the mirror one of the first solutions that will spring to mind is cosmetic surgery. Face lift surgery is surely the one, final answer to the problem of facial skin aging?

Well it is certainly one of the answers to the problems of an aging face, however as we all know it comes with a high price tag attached to it. This not only refers to the financial cost but also to the price an individual pays in terms of surgery and satisfaction.

For many people the high cost of this cosmetic procedure immediately rules it out as a viable option. For others, who may have the money to pay for a face lift, different questions will come to mind.

For example some struggle with the idea of undergoing an unnecessary medical procedure all in the name of vanity.

Some will worry about the results and others may be concerned that by having a facelift they are setting themselves up for a future dedicated to the expense and pain of further cosmetic procedures to keep the original one looking good.

A Natural Face Lift?

Many people, due to their financial situation, simply cannot even consider face lift surgery. So what face lift alternatives are there for people who can’t afford cosmetic surgery but still want to look good as they age?

One of the easiest and most effective forms of non surgical face lift comes in the form of facial exercise.

These exercises target the muscles of the face and can help a person to restore the firmness of their skin, get back its glow, fill in lines and creases and address or prevent skin sagging.

So let’s take a look at the various pros and cons attached to face lift surgery and facial exercises – the non surgical face lift

Face Lift Surgery – Pros

1) If you have the money a face lift is a relatively quick way to improve the look of your face.

2) Many people who have face lift surgery do look younger than their years. However results can vary.

3) After the initial surgery recovery is relatively quick (around 2 weeks) although the full effects of your procedure may not be seen until around 6 – 9 months later.

4) Despite the physical discomfort involved, you will not have to make any ‘effort’ yourself to achieve this result.

You do not have to put time into maintaining the look at first, although many people who have a face lift in their 50s will have another in their 60s.

Face Lift Surgery – Cons

1) The cost – this is an expensive procedure and one face lift may not be enough. In 10 -15 years time you may begin to see skin sagging again and require another nip and tuck.

2) Side effects of a facelift include:

• Pain
• Swelling and bruising lasting up to a month after the procedure
• Altered skin sensations such as numbness
• Scarring
• Changes to your hairline.

3) You will be putting your body through an unnecessary anesthetic and medical procedure. Complications can occur such as:

• Infection
• Skin numbness
• Damage to facial nerves
• Hair loss around the scars created by the procedure
• Deep vein thrombosis or blood clot brought on by the anesthetic

4) A surprising number of people are dissatisfied with the results. While they may feel that their sagging skin has been corrected many feel that their skin now looks pulled, stretched and unnatural.

This can be a particularly common problem around the eyes.

5) A facelift can address sagging skin however it can’t alter the loss of fat and collagen under the skin.

Costly facial fillers and wrinkle removing injections may still be required to achieve the desired look.

6) Face lifts unfortunately do not look natural. It is easy to tell who has had one and this becomes more evident the older you are.

You may have a tight, smooth face but your hands, neck and chest will give you away. Is it maybe better to age well in a more natural way?

Facial Exercises – Pros

1) Facial exercises help you to address the problems of skin aging naturally.

This may not give the immediate dramatic results of a cosmetic face lift but you will improve the tone and texture of your facial skin in the way that works best for the face you have been born with.

You’ll look younger but still look like yourself.

2) Facial exercises are simple and easy to perform; what’s more you do not have to spend a lot of money to learn how to do them.

Once you have learned a facial exercise program you have a powerful anti-aging system for life under your belt.

3) Facial exercise not only tighten sagging skin they help to improve the appearance of the skin. Renewed blood flow and oxygen reach your skin when you exercise and this includes when you exercise the face.

Facial exercises address firmness, wrinkles, sagging and the color and tone of your complexion all in one go.

4) There’s no need for any pain! Facial exercises can be performed safely in the comfort of your own home. No knives, no stitches, no anesthetic just a little effort on your part each day.

5) Some facial exercises target the loss of fat and collagen from beneath your skin that occurs as a part of the aging process.

It is possible to plump up hollow cheeks, plump up lips that have thinned with age and fill out the nasal-labial lines that occur from nose to mouth.

6) Facial exercises encourage you to accept the aging process rather than fight against it totally.

None of us can win the war against aging, even the best face lifts look somewhat unnatural, but with facial exercises you can look your very best whatever your age in a way that suits your face.

Facial Exercises – Cons

1) A natural face lift does not come without some effort on your part. You will need to be patient and spend time learning and performing the exercises.

2) Facial exercises have a cumulative effect. This means that unlike a cosmetic face lift you won’t see the results of your efforts immediately.

With time however the changes to your face and skin tone can be quite dramatic.

Naturally Younger Looking Without The Pain

Many people who practice facial exercises successfully are regularly told they look younger than their age.

A facial exercise program encourages you to work with the face you have, rather than try to stretch it beyond all recognition in a flawed attempt to look younger.

Facial exercises = more beautiful, graceful aging

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