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Top 3 Facial Exercises for Firming Your Face

Face exercises are hands down the cheapest and most effective way to achieve a natural face lift. They are the best tool to work out your facials in the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Read the article below to know why they help firm and tone your facial muscles. Try them for yourself and see your face transform into a younger and more alluring one week after week of doing them

Understanding The Anatomy Of The Face

Before you start doing face exercises it would be good to thoroughly acquaint yourself first with facial anatomy 101.

First of all, facial muscles, unlike the other muscles in your body, are directly attached to the skin that is right on top of them. They are also connected to other facial muscles and to the bones supporting these muscles as well.

This is why the skin that covers these muscles start to sag when facial muscles begin to lose their tone either through aging, the inescapable pull of gravity, and a faulty lifestyle habits such as eating nutritionally depleted food, lack of sleep and rest, and the consumption of addictive and toxic substances such as alcohol and nicotine.

You cannot do anything about the earth’s physical laws, but you can definitely slow down the aging process and firm your facial muscles by performing one face exercise after another until the muscles in your face start to regain their tone and natural firmness.

Face Exercises

There are pieces of misinformation circulating around that are leveled against facial exercises. The biggest one is that they are useless because they do not work.

A lot of the people who make this claim have a western (and therefore conventional) medical background and probably operate their own clinics offering services such as plastic and cosmetic surgery and expensive non-surgical facelift treatments using sophisticated equipment.

Their statements are really not backed by actual evidence and are only based on theories. These people have a lucrative and in-demand business to protect so they are also probably motivated to brush off something that is free yet highly effective for financial purposes.

The best way to prove whether these statements against facial exercises are true or not is to test these exercises yourself.

You can also look up personal testimonies and before and after photos of those who attest to the efficacy of facial exercises and study their stories and experiences for yourself. This way you’ll have a more objective approach in judging whether exercises for face really work or not.

The other huge misconception is that facial exercises will do your face harm and damage by wrinkling your facial complexion. Your facial skin will form wrinkles and creases in some areas while performing certain facial exercises but this does not mean you will develop wrinkles each time you do these exercises.

Unless your skin is dry or unmoisturized, dehydrated, un-oxygenated, and malnourished, face exercises will not cause them to wrinkle.

What face exercises do is to get designated muscles in the face to work in order to reshape target facial areas such as the cheeks, lips, brows, jaws, and chin that need to be toned, firmed, and lifted. Face lifting by exercise is therefore an effective way to firm up sagging facial skin and muscles.

Practicing time management and being dedicated and persistent in performing exercises for the face will guarantee firm facial muscles (hence a younger and more attractive appearance) in four weeks or so. You will start enjoying trips to the mirror as you notice your facial contours getting more defined each day.

3 Exercises For The Face

As mentioned earlier facial exercises aim to build specific facial muscles that need toning and firming. Two areas that can dramatically improve your looks are the cheeks and lips. Here are three simple face exercises you can do at home to help firm your cheeks and lips:

Exercise No. 1 – Move Air from Cheek to Cheek

Inflate both of your cheeks with air, as if you want to swallow a lot of air.

Then move the air from one cheek to another. Keep doing this until you are out of breath.

Repeat four more times.

Exercise No. 2 – Hold Simile for 5-10 Seconds

Gently smile and lift up the corners of your mouth while keeping your eyes neutral.

Keep other muscles of the face relaxed as you smile.

Hold the smile for five to ten seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise No. 3

You will look like a fish that’s trying to smile with this exercise.

Smile by pursing your lips slightly, then withdraw a bit and suck your cheeks into the hollows of your face.

Hold this position for at least five seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Maximize Your Facial Exercise Routine

Achieve the best results by following a healthy diet that will help in losing face fat. Following this diet will provide the nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals needed to firm facial muscles and form new collagen for that sexy, well-sculpted face.

It is very important for you to study the particular facial muscles involved in every exercise. This will enable you to concentrate on them when performing specific exercises.

If you fail to concentrate on the precise muscle to be utilized during the exercise then you might fail in getting the exercise’s intended results. Try to relax and empty your mind before starting your facial exercise regime by taking a few deep breaths to help you concentrate better.

Do the facial exercises only after you have washed your face and applied a good moisturizer for your skin type. Focus on applying enough moisturizer on areas of the face that are sensitive to wrinkling such as the forehead, eye area, and naso-labial lines.

Applying essential oil blends that help brighten skin tone and fight wrinkles right before every facial exercise session will be highly beneficial as essential oils can also promote relaxation and concentration. Drink a glass of water prior to exercise so you will be well hydrated each time you carry out your routine.

Oh, and practice smiling at everyone everyday. Smiling is one of the best exercises both for the face and the spirit.

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  1. i left teeth pit pn side too long and now that cheek on that side has lost the eleasticity. cant affort to get help. is there an exercisse that might help tight it?

  2. As much as I think I understand the facial exercises routins, it would be appreciated if routins are physically shown on video. Please

  3. I have done these three exercises and am able to feel that I have exercised my face. Thank you. Excellent.

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