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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin? – [3 Double Chin Exercises]

They say that two heads are better than one. But in no way are two chins better than one. It’s good to always have an extra tire for your car, but carrying around a spare chin won’t do your self-confidence and self-image any benefit.

Having a double chin adds years to your age you and makes you look a little unhealthy.

But there’s a practical and inexpensive solution to get rid of unwanted double chin by way of working out the flaccid muscles surrounding the chin area.

Many people, particularly women, are wondering about how to get rid of double chin without wanting to be rumored of having gone off for a serious money-blowing yet temporary treatment when they can just stay home and work on their problem spots themselves.

Double chin exercises will result in a double chin reduction without you having to break the bank to pay costly doctor’s fees and avail of procedures that are not long lasting yet very expensive, be they surgical or non-invasive face lifts using state of the art equipment.

So why go through all the trouble when you can fix the problem yourself?

Top 3 Double Chin Exercises

The main facial muscles to be flexed in order to eliminate double chin are the mentalis and platysma muscles. Try to do at least one double chin exercise everyday to firm and tone the chin area.

The exercises below will also help firm the neck, throat, and jowl areas, preventing pouches, turkey wattles, and dowager humps.

Say goodbye to your spare chin and make your jaw, throat, and neck look slender and graceful by following these double chin exercises:

Double Chin Exercise 1

While standing up, pull your head slightly back such that your face is tilted towards the ceiling.

Now try to kiss the ceiling by stretching your lips and puckering up. Hold for five seconds. Repeat five times.

Remember to leave the other facial muscles that are not engaged in this exercise as relaxed as possible.

Double Chin Exercise 2

This exercise can be done on a seated or standing position. Pull your spine straight up and leading with the chin, gently rotate your head from one shoulder to another.

Do not hurry while performing this exercise, and make only slight, precise movements. Work your way to doing full head rolls. Stick to semi circular motions if full circular rotations bother your neck. Do a full roll three to five times.

Double Chin Exercise 3

Assume an Indian seat position on the floor. Place your left hand on the floor, fingers down, approximately ten inches away from the left side of your hip. Do not lean or rest heavily on your left fingertips.

Raise your right hand straight up with your palm facing toward the side of your right cheek. Then bend your extended right hand at the elbow and grasp your left ear using your right palm.

Without getting your head out of alignment with your neck, bend your head toward your right shoulder. With your right hand still clasping your left ear, apply gentle pressure to the area without straining or pushing the neck further down.

Now take your left fingertips off the floor and place them on your left upper arm. Apply gentle pressure to your left arm and with your head still bent towards your right shoulder, hold the position for five to ten counts.

Repeat on the other side, this time resting your right fingertips ten inches from the right side of your hips and extending your left hand vertically with your left palm facing your left cheek.

Additional Tips On How To Lose A Double Chin

The exercises above are aimed to treat collapsed throat muscles. This is caused by aging, excessive weight, gravity, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are overweight try to follow the guidelines on how to lose facial fat and how to lose cheek fat. These will help you achieve a healthy weight loss, whereas face exercises will help treat sagging muscles and loose skin that are consequences of releasing unwanted weight.

Exercises for double chin, if done along with other face firming exercises will give your whole face a better lift, so it would be ideal to do various face exercises to achieve an overall toned and finely chiseled look.

Something that would also help facilitate the reduction of double chin is physical exercise. Running, weightlifting, and traditional yoga poses can help your double chin exercises work faster and better.

Chewing your food really well will help define your jaw line and therefore reduce the appearance of a double chin. You don’t have to masticate your food as much as yogis do, who chew their food fifty-one times on each side (a total of 102 chewing motions).

The point is to chew your food at least 20 times, or until it’s almost of liquid consistency. This will also keep you from overeating. If you don’t overeat, then you won’t gain weight and this will help to somehow control the amount of face fat you have.

If having a double chin is hereditary then you would just have to do all the natural means previously mentioned to reduce your double chin. If you are persistent and optimistic enough then your double chin will not just be reduced; depending on your age it could even disappear.

Also, according to the yogic system negative emotions can be stored in some parts of the body. It is believed that repressed anger takes its toll on the jaws, and since the jaw muscles are connected to the chin and neck muscles then releasing tension in this area will help a bit in fixing a double chin.

This can be done by shaping your mouth to a perfect “o” and saying “aaaaaaah” to release your lower jaw while the tip of your tongue is touching the back of your lower teeth.

By adopting positive lifestyle changes, regularly practicing a full range of face exercises, doing physical exercise daily and correcting your poor posture, in one month’s time you will have reason indeed to hold both your head and chin up high.

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