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Facial Exercises For Frown Lines

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Frown lines are the wrinkles that occur between your eyebrows and around the corners of the mouth and lips.

A frown line generally appears when we express negative emotions such as anger, concern or of course when we frown.

They are usually first seen as two vertical lines in between your eyebrows.

Locating The Frown Muscles

The muscles we use to frown are called the corrugator supercilli muscles and if we are worried or want to express our concern these dynamic muscles are the ones we contract to convey that emotion.

The corrugator muscle is a horizontal portion along the forehead that is responsible for pulling our eyebrows inwards and wrinkling the forehead vertically.

Over time and with frequent use this muscle is responsible for the two vertical skin creases that appear between the brows and extend above the height of the brows.

Frown lines are sometimes referred to as glabella lines and these are the second set of lines that form in this area, appearing obliquely but separately from the vertical frown lines.

As we age, years of making the same facial expressions – combined with the general thinning of the skin associated with aging – contribute to frown line formation.

The frown lines develop into permanent creases that remain visible even when we aren’t expressing any emotion. Frown lines between the eyes are usually the first to appear, followed by frown lines around the mouth.

Filling The Gap But At What Cost?

Some people resort to Botox or fillers to resolve the problem of frown lines but for many people this isn’t possible. Not everyone can keep up with the expensive costs related to these treatments and many more people simply do not want to fill their faces with chemical substances.

Your face cannot be hidden and if something goes wrong with a surgical procedure you may be left with devastating results that could affect your confidence and indeed your whole life.

Plus many of us simply want to look the best we can for our age, frozen features cannot express everyday emotions such as love, concern and happiness and so the natural approach to aging becomes the obvious path to take.

Soothing Frown Lines The Natural Way

There are a few easy and simple things you can do to help prevent the formation of frown lines.

1) Use Sunscreen And Wear Sunglasses – Applying a sunscreen that is suitable for the face is the best way to avoid sun damage to the delicate facial skin.

Sunglasses worn when you are in bright sunlight will stop you from frowning and squinting when the sun is in your eyes, repeatedly scrunching up your face as a result of sun glare can accelerate the formation of frown lines.

2) Eat Healthily – We are what we eat and a healthy diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals will go a long way in helping to keep your skin younger looking.

Fresh fruit and vegetables combined with lean protein and healthy grains will help to maintain your general health, as well as the health of your skin. Vitamin supplements can also be useful as can making sure you drink enough water to keep your skin looking plump and hydrated.

3) Avoid Stress And Get Enough Sleep – Our skin will suffer if we do not get adequate sleep. Sleep rejuvenates the skin so aim for 7 to 8 hours per night.

The signs of stress can show up on our skin prematurely aging us so try to avoid stress and practice soothing techniques such as meditation or yoga if you are prone to stress.

4) Massage Your Forehead – Massing the forehead and the part of your face near to the brows can help to relieve any tension and stress in this area that may be showing up on your face.

By simply giving yourself a quick facial massage you can soothe tired looking skin and help yourself to feel better in general. Use an oil blend specifically suited to the facial skin for added benefits. Here’s how:

  • Begin with the scalp as this is an area prone to tension. Place your fingers on your scalp and make firm but gentle circular movements.
  • Next place the palm of your hand along the top of the hairline and tilt your head forwards and look down. Your hand acting as slight resistance. You should feel a slight stretch in the skin on your forehead.
  • After this place your thumbs on your temples and your index fingers on the temples on either side of your head. Gently push your thumbs outwards and your index finger upwards to stretch the skin.
  • Finally place fingertips from both of your hands above and below one of the lines on your forehead. Very gently pull the skin so it becomes taut over the line.

5) Exercise Your Face – Facial exercises are a simple, natural and effective way to help reduce frown lines. Practiced over time they can lift and tone your skin and prevent further lines and wrinkles from forming.

Facial Exercise For Frown Lines Between The Eyes

• Place the index and middle fingers of both of your hands directly above your eyebrows

• Very gently push the brows downwards but at the same time use the muscles of your forehead to try to raise the eyebrows

• Use your fingers to increase the resistance but be careful not to drag your skin too much

• Repeat 10 times and perform 5 sets of 10

Facial Exercise For Frown Lines Around The Mouth

• With your mouth closed pull the upper and lower lips in slightly but don’t purse the too much – keep the mouth relaxed

• Blow air inside your mouth so it fills the area surrounding your mouth – don’t puff the cheeks with air

• Hold for a count of five

• Repeat 10 times

Facial exercises are an easy way to improve the appearance of frown lines that occur between the brows or around the mouth.

One thought on “Facial Exercises For Frown Lines

  1. Thank you for the exercises for frown lines between the brows. In addition, after recalling a picture of the facial muscles, I placed my little finger against the diamond like muscle beween the brows, to do exercise it, too. I hope I the skin will loose the memory of the lines like it does after doing one set of exercises.

    Blowing air into the lips is a clever way to exercise the lips; however, I smooth out the lower jaw as I do so. No sense in making the marionettte lines any worse.

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