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Bodybuilding For Your Face – Facial Exercises For Men

Men Want To Look Good Too

Guys who want to look their best as they age are increasingly viewing facial exercises for men as a viable alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery.

Many people wrongly assume that facial exercises are just for women but the fact is they are good for anyone, male or female.

The basic physiology of the face is the same for both sexes and this is why face exercises can work as successfully for men as they do for women.

Perhaps the notion of vanity also factors in the reason people assume face exercises are purely the domain of women. Men are not supposed to be so pre-occupied with their appearance although this view is now thankfully changing.

Men vs. Women In The War Against Aging

It is unfortunately almost always true that men seem to age better than women. Men generally get fewer wrinkles than women as they age and there are a number of reasons for this based on scientific facts.

  • Men Have Thicker Skin – The top layer of a man’s skin is around 25% thicker than women’s skin. A woman’s thinner skin leaves her more susceptible to wrinkling.
  • Men’s Skin Has Higher Collagen Content – Collagen is an extracellular protein found in the skin and men produce more of it than women do. Quite simply more collagen equals less wrinkling. Women are also at a disadvantage as the onset of menopause results in the further loss of collagen and their skin becomes even thinner as they age.
  • Men’s Skin Is Oilier – Men’s skin produces more natural oils that help to protect the skin from dryness and keep it supple.

Men And Cosmetic Surgery

So it seems that men do have an advantage over women as they age but this does not mean they are completely off the hook, sagging and drooping can still occur and jowls and double chins can easily appear.

Research suggests that men are reluctant to go the whole way and indulge themselves in cosmetic surgery for the face as they age.

Certainly some men are using anti-wrinkle injections to smooth out craggy facial wrinkles but a lot of men still see cosmetic surgery as a ‘female thing.’

Face Exercises For Men

Of course plenty of men still want to look their best and firm and tone their faces. Facial exercises are a quick and easy way to improve the overall appearance of your face and complexion.

What’s more face exercises can be performed privately so no one need know your secret should you be concerned about appearing vain! As we all know the gossip columns regularly poke fun at male celebrities who have had obvious work done on their faces.

Face exercises are simply an extension of working out – view them as bodybuilding for the face! We all know the benefits that working out has for our bodies so why not perform exercises for your face to keep it as toned and honed as your body?

Facial Exercise vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures may seem like a quick fix to the problem of an aging face and many people look good after a facelift. However your skin still ages even when you have had work done so you may find you need to repeat an expensive procedure 5 years down the line.

Too much Botox or filler on top of a face lift can lead to an odd distorted appearance and this can be very obvious to they eye – especially when work has been done on a male.

You may have a smooth complexion but bulging, puffiness and the ‘wax dummy’ look are all too common with facial cosmetic procedures for men.

Plus men look better with a bit of character to their faces as they age. Call it wisdom, call it experience but nothing beats an older gentleman with a bright and lively complexion and a few character lines here and there.

It is simply facial sagging, drooping and puffiness that need to be worked on and this is where facial exercises for men become a powerful alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Appearance Is Important

Older men who look good with powerful looking, toned features are more likely to fit in socially and in the work place. Rightly or wrongly looking tired and droopy with a permanent browbeaten expression can affect the way people think about you.

Women have known this for years, which is why the world has a booming beauty industry aimed at women. We are all judged on appearance so looking the best you can is important for anyone – male or female.

How Men Can Look Younger The Natural Way

Face exercises can help any man achieve a commanding, younger looking face and boost his confidence in all areas of life.

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