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Facial Massage Techniques To Aid Your Facial Fitness Program

Massage For A Younger Looking You!

If you want to enhance your facial fitness program learning facial massage techniques is one sure way to speed up the improvement process.

It’s easy to learn facial massage techniques and it’s something you can do at home without the need to spend money visiting a beauty salon.

Facial massage can be extremely beneficial for your skin but learning the correct techniques is important. It is possible to damage the skin by using the wrong techniques so here we take a look at the best way to perform massage for the face.

The Benefits Of Facial Massage

Before we begin lets look at why massaging the skin on your face can improve your complexion and skin tone.

1. Massage Helps To Relax The Muscles Of The Face

Tense facial muscles can impair the flow of blood and other fluids to the skin’s tissues and this in turn may reduce the amount of nutrients your skin receives and prevent the removal of waste products.

Massage promotes healthy blood circulation and the removal of toxins and other waste products from the skin. Without adequate blood flow and waste removal your complexion can look dull, gray and puffy.

2. Face Massage Restores The Skin’s Suppleness

With practice it’s possible to locate areas on the face where tissue may be restricted. When you massage your face you can gently break up elastin fibers and collagen and this helps to improve your skin’s elasticity. This also promotes a ‘lifting’ effect.

3. Products That Enhance Your Skin Will Be Delivered More Effectively

Massaging the face with a natural homemade oil or balm encourages the skin to absorb any active ingredients you have included in your self-made beauty products.

If you have chosen essential oils or herbs that are known to be good for the skin or for the prevention of wrinkles this is an excellent way to ensure that your products really work for your skin.

Important Information Before You Begin

a. Before performing any kind of face massage it is important to always remember to be gentle. Do not drag the skin in all kinds of direction or pummel the delicate skin of your face roughly. Follow these techniques and use a light touch – especially around the eyes.

b. Use an oil or moisturizer to perform the following massages – one that contains pure, natural ingredients is best and all the better if you have made it yourself as you will no exactly what the product contains.

c. If you are allergic to nuts avoid nut-based oils and if you have very oily skin it may be better not to use any lotions or moisturizers.

d. Do not use massage on yourself or anyone who has cancer, any other serious illness or an active infection as this can encourage the spread of malignant cells within the body.

How To Do Facial Massage

Technique 1

This massage will help to revitalize your complexion and give you a healthy glow – it will also relax you. What’s more the effects are cumulative so if you perform this massage regularly you’ll soon notice a big difference to your complexion.

This first technique works on improving blood flow and circulation to your face and encourages the removal of built up toxins.

1. With clean hands turn your hands palms upwards and sweep upwards from the neck, via the chin to the tip of the chin using both hands alternately. Start in the middle of the neck and then move to each side, sweeping upwards to cover the whole neck.

You can perform this technique for 1 – 3 minutes and it should feel like you are ‘enlivening‘ and ‘invigorating’ the skin by increasing circulation to the area and getting the blood flowing

2. Next form a V with the middle and index fingers of one hand. Place your index finger above your lips and your middle finger below your lips. Glide your fingers from this position outwards towards the ears. Repeat on both sides up to 20 times.

3. Closing your eyes place your hands over your eyes, left hand over left eye, and right hand over right eye. Keeping the hands flat and not cupped apply firm pressure to the area and hold for 5 seconds.

With light pressure still applied slowly sweep your flat hands outwards from the eyes to the sides of the face and into the hairline to soothe the scalp. Be very careful not to drag the delicate skin around the eyes.

Go back to the original position and this time glide the hands upwards over the forehead and through the top of the head/scalp. This should feel very soothing. Perform for 1 – 3 minutes.

Technique 2

This thorough massage targets the whole face and will also encourage the removal of waste products from the skin. Performed regularly you will see a brighter and more glowing complexion.

1. Begin with the same technique from Technique 1 but use slower, gliding strokes and use your fingertips and not your hands. From the collarbone work upwards with alternate hands over the neck and up under the chin, stay in the centre however this time. Repeat ten times.

2. Move to the jawline and with your finger tips sweep upwards from jaw, over the cheeks, over the eyes, over the forehead and into the scalp in one continuous movement. Be careful not to drag the skin. Repeat five times

3. Using your middle and ring finger gentle massage in circular movements from the bridge of the nose, out along the eyebrows, around the cheekbone and back to the nose. The area you are targeting is the obicularis oculi muscle that surrounds the eye. Repeat 5 times.

4. Place the index fingers at the sides of the nose and the thumbs of each hand under the jawbone. Glide your index finger and thumbs out over the cheekbones and jawbones respectively and simultaneously.

You should feel gentle pressure in the whole cheek area. Glide out towards the hairline and repeat five times.

5. To finish use your fingers to gently tap the skin of the face all over for 10 – 20 seconds to stimulate blood flow to the skin.


When you have finished either massage technique remove any excess oil left over on your face or neck with dampened cotton wool and plain water – you can apply your regular moisturizer afterwards.

The Power Of Two

Combining face massage techniques with a facial exercise program is an excellent way to improve the texture of your skin and give you back a healthy glow. When using massage and facial exercise together it is possible to see a noticeable improvement in your skin quickly.

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