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How Your Internal Feelings Affect Your Facial Exercises Results

When you’ve committed to doing facial exercises, what you want to see is results. Your commitment to get those results demands action on your part. The action includes setting aside a certain time of the day or night to practice the facial exercises for jowls, double chin exercises, cheek exercises, eye muscle exercises, nasolabial fold exercises, and forehead exercises and also the discipline to do the required number of repetitions for each type of exercise correctly.

What Else To Do When You Start A Facial Exercises Program

But think outside the box for a minute. Is there anything else you should be concerned with?

Actually, there is another side to facial exercises that you may not have considered which could be affecting your before and after photos.

It’s how you are feeling about what’s happening in your life.

Let’s say that today was a good day. You received a call from an old friend who received a big inheritance and wants to give you a gift.

You had a recommendation from your boss to be promoted to Project Director. Your husband sent you flowers. How does your face look?

It would look happy, rejuvenated, and full of life.

On the other hand, let’s say that the dog had to go to the veterinarian for possibly being poisoned by a neighbor, the car engine light came on, and the mailman didn’t bring your much awaited check. How would your face look?

It would look sullen, unhappy, worried and droopy.

And the more those events drag on or create new events that are worse – such as the dog dies, the car needs a new transmission and the mailman’s mail was stolen – the more your face gets locked into a pattern of sullenness, unhappiness, worry, depression, and droopiness.

Worse yet, your face may get locked into a pattern of anger!

What Happens On Your Insides Shows On The Outside

The point here is that every one of us has a face that reflects what is happening to our emotions on the inside.

And it’s possible that emotions you were feeling consistently and regularly for the last 10 years have contributed to forming the wrinkles and depressed lip lines on the face.

The more negative emotions you feel on the inside, the more they will be reflected in your face. You can’t separate the inside of you from the outside.

You can do all the cheek exercises and nasolabial fold exercises and lip exercises you want but you may be working against yourself if you let emotions get the best of you.

We all know that the person who gets the furrowed brow has been worrying far too much.

Facial Exercises Are Teaching You Relaxation – To A Degree

On the other hand, have you noticed that when you do your facial exercises, they are training you subtly to be happier? You’re performing the actions necessary to lift the muscles.

For example, when you do the nasolabial exercises or lip exercises, you aren’t reinforcing the actions that go along with negative feelings of unhappiness.

When you do forehead exercises to remove worry, you’re relaxing your forehead, and thus giving yourself a message on the inside to remove the stress.

There’s also a negative emotion associated with a double chin and cheeks that are falling with age. When you do facial exercises for cheeks, double chin exercises, and even exercises for jowls, you can feel the subtle lifting of your spirit.

Maximizing Your Facial Exercises Program Results

There are two big keys here to maintaining your progress.

1. Don’t Pretend To Be Happy; Be Truly Happy

The happier you can be during the day, the more improvement you will see on your facial exercises before and after photos.

The best recommendation anyone can give you is to stop feeling offended by everything that happens and by everyone’s comments.

Divorce yourself from what other people do and say, even if it’s about you. This is easier to do once you decide who you really are.

Are you a person of high morals and values that delights in helping others?

Well then when others don’t want your help, it really reflects their inadequacies, not yours. When other people ‘pick’ at you, it’s because they are seeing themselves in you.

Deciding not to get offended no matter what happens is a decision equal to that of deciding to do facial exercises. And just like the great results you get from facial exercises for your life, you will also get great results when you stop getting offended.

You’ll see that you’re happier without even trying. You’re waking up with a feeling of peace and contentment.

It’s easier to stay devoted to your purpose in life when you can stay above becoming offended from what others do and say.

2. Find The Connection

Look for the subtle connection of your internal feelings with how tense your muscles feel on your face.

When you catch yourself tensing the muscles, then make a conscious effort to relax. You may even have to stop right then and there and do a set of three forehead exercises.

The same thing is true for the emotion of sadness, anger or contempt. Once you feel these emotions, take a freeze frame of your face and discover what’s happening to the muscles.

Where are they becoming distorted? Then do a set of three or five cheek exercises, lip exercises or eye exercises to re-set them.

Start thinking about this topic today. You’ll see its truth and best of all, better results in your facial exercises before and after photos.

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