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Prevent Wrinkles Around The Mouth With Facial Exercise

Read My Lips

Your mouth and lips are one of your most important facial features. Studies show that people look at your eyes and your mouth the most during interaction. And as your mouth is the place from where you communicate it stands to reason that this part of your face is important when it comes to your overall looks.

A sultry pout with plump bee-stung lips is often regarded as a symbol of youth and beauty. Wrinkles around the mouth are part and parcel of the aging process and therefore something we all are likely to experience at some point and yet many people try to get rid of them with surgical treatments.

A Plumper Pout At What Cost?

Fillers and collagen injections can help to solve the problem of wrinkles around the lips but we have all seen the disastrous results when these procedures go wrong.

Not to mention the expense these procedures incur when you find yourself on the endless carousel of digging deep into your pockets to try to preserve or create the perfect bee-stung look.

There’s also the dreaded ‘trout pout’ look when the lips become too big from fillers and stick out from the face in an unnatural looking way.

Lip fillers can harden and create scar tissue that leave the lips permanently disfigured and some people have allergic reactions to fillers that leave them in a great deal of pain and discomfort.

These, often permanent, side-effects can also interfere with your speech so is it really worth the risk of playing Russian Roulette with your face by choosing cosmetic procedures?

Unlike other parts of your body you cannot easily disguise a disfigurement of your face, mouth and lips.

If your speech also becomes affected then you really are in trouble, especially when there are so many things you can do to improve the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth without resorting to chemicals and unnatural substances.

Treating Lip Wrinkles Naturally

Many people are now turning to natural methods to help rejuvenate their mouths and lips and with good reason. There is so much you can do to help yourself when it comes to preventing skin damage to this area.

Seven Golden Rules for Preventing Wrinkles around the Mouth

To helpprevent wrinkles from forming around the mouth follow these simple suggestions:

1. Use sunscreen on your face when you go out.

And use a lip salve that includes sunscreen; better still wear a hat that protects your face when you are going to be outside in strong sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

It is proven that the sun’s rays speed up the aging process and sun damage is often cited as the number one reason for premature wrinkle formation. Choose a sunscreen/lip salve that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and reapply often.

2. Stop smoking.

Along with sun damage smoking is the main reason for premature skin aging and wrinkle formation, not to mention all the other reasons why smoking is bad for your health.

The action of pursing your lips when you light and puff on a cigarette is one of the main causes of premature wrinkles around the lip and mouth area.

It is thought that smoking reduces the natural elasticity of the skin by reducing collagen production. Collagen production naturally slows down as we age but smoking speeds up the process.

3. Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. 

That means plenty of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables containing powerful skin boosting anti-oxidants and less saturated fat and processed foods.

Oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and salmon are packed full of skin-friendly Omega 3 fatty acids which help to improve the health of your skin cells and keep the skin looking plump. Nuts and seeds also contain good fats that are beneficial for your skin.

Feed your skin correctly and the results will be visible.

4. Moisturize your skin. 

Use a facial moisturizer day and night to hydrate the skin around your mouth from the outside. There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive moisturizers, a simple product that is made of natural ingredients will do just as good a job of keeping the skin around your mouth moisturized.

5. Drink plenty of water. 

Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable when your skin is adequately hydrated, drinking water can help keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

6. Exercise regularly. 

Regular cardiovascular exercise gets your blood flowing and improves your circulation; this can improve the overall appearance of your skin.

7. Get enough sleep. 

It’s not known as beauty sleep for nothing! Sleep is excellent for the skin and lack of sleep will make your skin look older and tired.

Easy Facial Exercises For The Lips And Mouth

Many people want plump lips but unfortunately not all of us were born with the perfect pout. There are, however, exercises you can do to improve the plumpness of your lips and improve or prevent any wrinkles form forming around the mouth and lip area.

For A Plumper Pout

You have a facial muscle called the orbicularis oris that is a sphincter muscle that encircles the whole of your mouth. This muscle is located between the skin and the mucous membranes of your lips.

It extends upwards towards the nose and down to the area between the lower lip and the chin. It is sometimes referred to as the kissing muscle because you use it to pucker and close your lips.

Exercising this area will help to keep your mouth looking firmer, fuller and younger without having to resort to costly fillers.

Regular exercise of this area will help to restore a healthy pink color to your lips, help enlarge the area and smooth out upper lip wrinkles.

Exercise 1

  • Sit comfortably, facing forward in a supportive chair with a straight back
  • With your mouth closed purse your lips together
  • Lift your lips towards your nose keeping them pursed
  • Hold for a count of five
  • Relax your lips and then repeat the exercise five times.

Exercise 2

  • Pout your lips and hold for a count of ten
  • After ten cover your teeth with your lips
  • Relax and repeat the exercise five times

Turn Your Frown Upside Down

If you want to lift the areas surrounding your mouth the following exercise can help. The zygomaticus muscles sag as we age and this can give the mouth a sad, droopy expression.

The zygomaticus major extends from the cheekbone to the corners of the mouth and is responsible for raising the corners of the mouth when we smile.

Exercising this area will help to firm the corners of the mouth and reduce wrinkles in this area thus giving a more youthful appearance.

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible but cover your teeth with your lips
  • Purse your lips into an “O” squeezing your lips tightly
  • Hold for a count of five
  • Release and repeat the exercise ten times

Banish Stubborn Upper Lip Wrinkles

  • Gently place the pads of your fingertips of your middle and index fingers on the outside, middle section of your top lip on both sides
  • Place your thumbs together under your chin
  • Slide your fingers towards the corners of your mouth while also curling your upper lip over your top teeth
  • Slide your fingers to a count of five
  • Repeat ten times

You can repeat this exercise for the bottom lip by placing your fingers on the bottom lip and covering the bottom row of teeth with your lower lip.

A Multi-Targeted Approach To Preventing Mouth Wrinkles

As mentioned previously a healthy nutritious diet, regular exercise and adequate rest will go a long way in keeping your skin looking vibrant and youthful.

Facial exercises are also extremely helpful when it comes to improving and preventing the appearance of lines around the mouth and lips. Keep in mind that you will have to practice and stick to facial exercises if you are serious about improving the skin around your lips.

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