Facial Exercises

Factors That Negate Benefits From A Facial Exercise Program

The topic of initiating a facial exercise program is like a lot of other topics: we can look at the trees instead of the whole forest. What this means is that we can get all involved in the actual performance of the facial exercises and then ignore everything else. For example, you could forget all about cleansing your skin and end up with pimples and the original wrinkled skin, making it worse.

Considerations About Why You Need a Facial Exercise Program

Here are a few factors that should also be considered when you are engaging in a facial exercise program:

1. What caused the aging or rapid aging in the first place?
2. How is your diet contributing to aging or rapid aging?
3. How are your daily habits contributing to aging or rapid aging?

Discussing all these factors in depth could take three different ebooks, so for now, let’s just focus on #3, the daily habits contributing to aging or rapid aging.

Daily Habits Can Create Rapid Aging In A 32-Year-Old

It’s kind of a stretch to think that possibly your daily habits could contribute to aging or rapid aging, but nevertheless it is true.The first time I discovered this was true was while talking to a 32-year-old woman who had deep wrinkles on her forehead and all over her face.

As I watched her converse, I noticed she made quite a few facial movements. She was extremely expressive with her face.

Now being expressive certainly is important for communication, but this woman was almost overdoing it. And then she was laughing about it.

“Well, I blame my wrinkles on my mother!” she said. “My mother used to come to me when I was a baby in the crib and make faces at me. She taught me how to be expressive.”

I wondered to myself if there ever comes a time in life when a person stops doing what their mother taught them if it is causing them some harm.

The Disadvantages Of Wrinkles

And of course, you couldn’t really say that having a lot of wrinkles was directly causing her harm, but then again, think about it. Would these be true?

▸ By having too many wrinkles for her age, she would be decreasing her chances of finding a husband.

(Who wants to marry a wrinkled 32-year-old when plenty of women who take care of their skin are available?)

▸ Too many wrinkles could easily interfere with job promotions since many employers want someone who is going to grow with the company, not die at the company.

And when someone has a lot of wrinkles, the thought in the back of the mind is that the person doesn’t have much time left.

I apologize if these points may have been too harshly put and offended you. I just want to make the point that wrinkles can interfere with quality of life.

What Facial Movements Contribute To Rapid Aging?

The more facial movements you do with your face, the more wrinkled you will become.

This means that if you want to get the most out of your facial exercise program, first evaluate yourself for what facial movements you are doing right now that are causing the wrinkles.

Here’s a short list of some of them:

1. Squinting

This one is the best facial movement to produce wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. Sustained contraction of the eye muscles wrinkles the skin and can cause deep wrinkles.

Need a way to stop it? Put a small piece of tape on the corner of each eye and go about your business for the day. Whenever you feel the tape move, you are squinting.

2. Worrying

Worrying is another incredibly effective facial movement to produce wrinkles on the forehead between your eyebrows. It’s one of the best methods to create deep wrinkles.

Need a way to stop it?

Put a small piece of tape between your eyebrows and go about your business for the day. When you feel the tape move, you are worrying.

3. Making Contemptuous Smirks With Your Mouth

Smirking is a bad habit, period. Have you ever seen old women who look like they are perpetually sad? Part of this is due to smirking.

Life is bad at times, but you must learn how to laugh it off and move on.

Need a way to stop smirking? Use the tape trick once again.

Even though there are only three bad habits on this list, there are enough here to work with for now.

You might end up putting the tape on all three parts of your face.

That’s okay, since you will quickly learn to stop making these excessive facial movements.

Notice that excessive smiling is not on the list.

The goal is not for you to become an expressionless robot. The goal is simply to stop making excessive facial movements that cause wrinkles and negate the benefits of a great facial exercise program.

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