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Herbal Steam Therapy Can Make You Look Younger

When you’re looking for ways to make your face look younger, you may be looking for inexpensive ideas and ones that are natural. Facial exercises are inexpensive as well as natural and a good choice to start with. The beauty of the baby boomer generation technology is that there are dozens of ways to make your face look younger – and many of them are ones that have been used for decades. They’ll fit your criteria off inexpensive and natural, too.

Herbs Are Natural Ways To Improve Your Looks

One of the best methods to look younger is to use herbs. There are anti-aging herbs, ones full of polyphenols and high in antioxidants.

Some of these include bilberry, rose hips, alfalfa, sea buckthorn, and ginkgo biloba. Most people use these internally and take them in capsule form to get the anti-aging benefits.Quite a few herbs are now being added to natural cosmetic lines. You can read up on them by googling natural cosmetics and searching for their ingredients.

Often, companies will use rosemary, thyme, sea buckthorn, oregano, lavender, and many of the same herbs you can consume in capsules as a way to stop aging from the inside out.

You will also see these herbs and others being used as an essential oil, which is applied to the face, either in a diluted or undiluted form. Whether or not the diluted form is used depends on the strength of the essential oil and its purity.

But be cautious about this. Some essential oils are just too strong to apply directly to the skin. The back of the bottle of the essential oil will tell you if the herb essence should be diluted or not.

Herbal Steam Therapy Brings Circulation To Your Face

Another way you can use the essential oils to look younger is to use them for herbal steam therapy.

This type of home treatment will bring added circulation to your face while opening up your sinuses, invigorating your eyes, and livening up every skin cell of your face.

Herbal steam therapy is the inhalation of the volatile aromas of the herbs through steam.

It is such an easy method to do and requires very few things.

Here’s a short list of what you’ll need:

  • a 2-quart pot filled with water from your faucet
  • a large towel to cover your head (beach towels work best but large bath towels will do)
  • essential oil of an herb such as rose oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, or any essential oil that has a pleasant smell which you love
  • a stove to heat the water (Don’t use a microwave as the water will get too hot and you’ll risk severe burns if a mishap occurs.)
  • potholders

Type Of Essential Oil To Use Is Important

When you do purchase essential oils for direct use on the face or for herbal steam therapy, you want the type that is fit for human consumption.

Other types of essential oils are made for the perfumery and arts and crafts businesses.

Although these smell nice, you will be breathing in the volatile oils of the herb directly and therefore, only want the best – without anything artificial.

The Procedure Of Using Herbal Steam Therapy To Look Younger

Thus, to do this, you simply follow these steps:

1. Fill a 2-quart deep pot with water from your faucet up to about 2 inches from the top of the pot.

Boil the water.

(Don’t be concerned about chlorine from the tap water; it will become volatile and float away in the air as you boil the water.)

2. Remove the water from the stove and set on a potholder or something so the pot won’t burn the table where you are doing the herbal steam therapy.

3. Add 4 drops of the essence of the herb you have chosen.

4. You will want to sit in a position where your face is at least 12 inches above the pot.

Sit in a stable position so you don’t fall in any manner, thus disrupting the boiling water and spilling it on yourself during the herbal steam therapy.

5. Next cover your head and make a tent to enclose the pot with the steam and your head.

6. Inhale the invigorating vapors and let the steam bathe your face for about 5 minutes.

If you find the steam too hot, then either move your body position an additional six inches away from the pot or take a quick break for 15 to 30 seconds and then go back to underneath your “tent”.

7. Your face will sweat and you can wipe off the sweat during the therapy.

8. Now go look in the mirror! Although your face will look a little red temporarily, it will also look very refreshed.

You have now discovered an at-home treatment to make you look younger! Herbal steam therapy rocks!

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