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Facial Toning The Natural Gadget-Free Way

Having a chunky face sure isn’t one that a person would consider an asset. But what a lot of people don’t know is that they can have a non surgical face lift through face toning, a tried and tested practice that can finely sculpt the face the non-invasive and chemical-free way.

A holistic approach that includes facial toning exercises will be the best and safest way to chisel and rejuvenate you face.

What Is Facial Toning?

Facial toning is a good way to change or refine a person’s facial structure and erase wrinkles and expression lines. It creates a face lifting effect by improving facial muscle tone and shrinking and tightening sagging muscles in the face.

Face toning also rejuvenates the face because it also targets the complexion aside from the facial muscles. Facial toning can improve skin tone by promoting circulation, delivering nourishment to your facial muscles and skin which gives your face a natural healthy color.

Facial toning is somewhat like yoga for the face. Facial exercise is otherwise known as yoga facial toning for its ability to tone the muscles with gentle, low-impact movements.

Long-time yoga practitioners have lean, beautifully sculpted bodies and toned faces. This is because traditional yoga poses also affect the tone of the facial muscles.

But if you have fat cheeks or want to reduce face fat in general then you will benefit from doing a complete set of face exercises that will work like yoga on your face.

Natural Gadget-Free Way Facial Toning

Facial muscle toning is not rocket science. The principles behind every facial toning exercise are the same as those in building muscles in the arms, chest, back, abs and legs.

The logic of face toning exercises is rather commonsensical and obvious. If exercising various parts of the body will make them look lean and toned then why can’t this apply to the face as well?

And yet this is something that a lot of cosmetic beauty and anti-aging experts would not accept. The experts’ rejection of this natural method, however, does not make it ineffective.

Some people opt to go to clinics that use technologically advanced machines to tone facial muscles and skin. One session is already very expensive. Your bank account would have to be a whole lot fatter than your face for maintenance treatments since the face lifting and toning effects do not last long.

There are some gadgets being sold in the market today that can cost from $150 to $500 that people can use at home. These harness electro-stimulation or electrical micro-currents to tone facial muscles.

The problem is that you have to buy special creams and gels that are not necessarily cheap to help make these gadgets work. The face lifting results might be quick but they are definitely just temporary.

Why not try a comprehensive facial exercise program that might take a few weeks to work but will in the end give you a lasting and more natural looking face lift?

It doesn’t hurt too that facial exercise programs are a lot cheaper than face toning devices. However, you should choose a program that will not just teach you how to tone your face with exercises but will guide you with what you should eat as well.

Face exercises are just one half of the solution to losing face fat. The other half is comprised of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How To Tone Your Face?

Facial muscle tissues are flexible and elastic and therefore can be quite easily molded with the right facial toning exercises. Facial skin will be shaped according to its underlying muscle structure.

The elongated muscle would have to be shortened to battle sagging caused by aging and gravitational nonresistance. The sagging muscles would have to be shortened by working them out until they achieve the desired firmness that would give you the perfect natural face lift.

Put your facial muscles in shape through facial muscle toning via face exercises. This site has other articles that contain face firming exercises that target the cheeks and lips.

You can also check out the article on how to lose a double chin for free double chin exercises that tone the chin, jaw, throat and neck areas.

It would be good to invest a small amount of money on a powerful face exercise program to tone all the facial muscles effectively and more long-lastingly in the shortest time possible.

Improve the condition of your muscles as muscle tone maintenance would depend a lot on this. The condition of your muscles is largely determined by overall health and nutrition.

The regularly under-slept person will have facial muscles that are overtired and collapsing. Neither would an undernourished person have a good facial tone due to the lack of nutrients needed to shape starved facial muscles.

Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables contain B vitamins and highly usable amino acids that are necessary for muscle building. Do not overdo your protein (which is easy to achieve by eating animal protein) as this will cause weight gain, defeating the purpose of facial toning.

Get enough snooze and sleep on time to give those muscles the chance to rest and grow. Quit smoking as this nasty habit will steal all the vitamin C your face needs to rebuild muscles and produce collagen.

Facial acupressure can also be helpful in toning your face. Stimulating specific pressure points on the face promotes circulation and detoxification aside from helping facial muscles relax.

It is believed in reflexology that certain points in the face are connected to particular internal organs; therefore it will show on the face if specific body organs are toxic or overworked.

Facial acupressure brings relief to these organs by encouraging them to detoxify.

Another helpful practice is deep breathing, which will oxygenate your facial muscles for a more toned look. Oxygen is also needed to deliver all the nutrients to your face and body muscles.

Facial toning need not be difficult or expensive to be effective. The cheapest way to get a toned countenance happens to produce long-term effects too by way of face exercises and a healthy lifestyle.

Hand in hand these two increase facial muscle tone and strength, not to mention self-confidence that is the inevitable result of possessing a well-toned facial structure.

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