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How Your Skin Can Benefit with NaPCA?

When you’re doing your facial exercises, it’s very important to do whatever you can to find a dry skin solution. You must keep your skin moist. How can you do this? The answer is simple: mimic what nature does to your skin and you’ll have better results.

Learn Anti-Aging Tricks From Those Who Are Older

Years ago when I was growing up, I remember my grandmother allowing me to watch her put her makeup on. She was in her 70s and had wrinkles at the time.

She didn’t need any kind of dry skin solution for her skin, but the wrinkles on her face were another matter. Interestingly, her wrinkles looked a lot worse than what they looked like when she had her makeup on.

“Watch what happens to the wrinkles when I put my makeup on,” she told me. Little did I know that this one little trick would be so important to me as I grew older.

My grandmother then put water in a bowl and splashed it on her face, letting it semi-dry before applying makeup. And what an amazing transformation it was.

The wrinkles plumped out and before you knew it, she was looking radiant and far younger than a woman in her 70s.

What I Learned From My Grandmother

I didn’t just learn that water should be used on the face before applying makeup from my grandmother.

I learned that the skin had to be moisturized in order to look good. I learned that if a person needed a dry skin solution, water could be an answer.

Later in life, I learned that you could do this moisturizing from within as well as doing it from the outside.

By hydrating yourself and drinking enough water all day long, you could look a lot better than you would look if dehydrated. In fact, no makeup could cover how bad someone looked when they were dehydrated.

Technological Advances Teach Us How To Rehydrate From The Outside In

Scientists have discovered that there’s a substance in skin called NaPCA, which helps hold moisture inside the skin.

NaPCA is the sodium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid.

When the researchers tested the amount of NaPCA in old skin versus young skin, the difference was quite remarkable. New skin has twice as much NaPCA in it than old skin.

Without NaPCA, your skin can’t hold moisture and you’ll easily be looking for a dry skin solution. Why your skin looks so young and fresh is totally dependent on the moisture content of the skin itself. It’s not because of your moisturizer!

Now this is something you can test for yourself. How does your skin feel after you add moisturizer to it? How does your skin feel after adding water to it? The difference between the two doesn’t need a research study to tell you the answer.

When your skin has moisturizer on it, it feels heavy. It may look smoother but still it feels heavy. When your skin has water added to it, there is no feeling of heaviness. It’s a feeling of refreshment and this is a good feeling.

Benefits Of NaPCA

I’ve noticed that people experience the benefits of NaPCA immediately after the first application. You could spray NaPCA on any skin on your body and notice a big difference.

It immediately makes the skin feel hydrated, which means softer and more supple.

Then it’s just a matter of using the NaPCA long enough to get the levels of this natural skin moisturizer high enough to stay looking young and feeling moist and supple.

For most people this time period appears to be about two weeks.

Thus the benefits of NaPCA include:

✓ hydrating the skin
✓ making the skin more moist and supple
✓ hiding wrinkles that appear more pronounced with dry skin
✓ refreshes the face on hot days

When you’re doing facial exercises, the end result is that you will look more refreshed and have a pinker look because of more blood circulation to the muscles of the face.

When this happens, you’ll feel so much better and have greater self-confidence.

However, when you have dry skin, your face will never look as good as it could until you eliminate the dry skin. Dry skin reflects light differently than moist skin. Think of the faces you see on television.

Why Your Skin Looks Young

Why is it that some people look younger than others? It always goes back to the moisture content of the skin as the #1 factor.

The #2 factor is collagen content. Collagen keeps the wrinkles away by plumping up the skin by giving it extra cushioning.

The collagen content is something you can manipulate by doing your facial exercises and by eating enough protein in your diet.

Another way to keep the collagen content high is to stay away from steroids. Steroid use–even by prescription–is the fastest way to lower the collagen content of the body.

Your skin will sag EVERYWHERE if you’re on steroids for too long.

If your doctor wants you to take steroids, know that it will negate any improvement you have gained with your facial exercises.

Experience the benefits of NaPCA today and take the advice of other ways to improve your skin; you’ll be glad you did.

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