Facial Exercises

What Placenta Can Do For Your Skin?

Facial exercises are amazing in what they can do to your skin. Within a short period of time, say one to two months, you can look as if you are ten years younger. If you continue doing facial exercises over your lifetime, you really will not age much at all. Just check out the faces of women who have been faithfully exercising their faces for over 15 years. They look nothing less than phenomenal!

Why Facial Exercises Work

The reason why facial exercises work so well is because you are exercising the muscles of the face. These muscles are responsible for what is sagging and what is not!

If the muscles are toned, there won’t be any sagging. If the muscles are not toned, you will look old.

It’s similar to working out at the health club on the weight machines. If you want your stomach muscles to be toned, you can exercise their sagginess away.

If you want your buttocks to be perky in later life, you’ll have to exercise them to lift them up. Facial exercises are great but you can’t depend on them to solve every single aspect of aging.

China Doll Porcelain Skin Is One Of The Placenta Benefits

Although facial exercises will tone your face, you could still have skin problems of tone differences, suspicious marks on the face, fine wrinkles, or skin that doesn’t look like you’re a porcelain doll.

Every woman wants china doll type skin that is breathtaking to look at and wants to know what to do to get it.

In the Orient and in Europe, more and more women are discovering another solution to the skin that works well with facial exercises – placenta, and there are plenty of placenta benefits that go along with it.

The placenta is used at another time other than when you are performing your facial exercises.

What Is Placenta And Where Is It Found?

Placenta is the afterbirth organ associated with pregnancy. The placenta that is used in skin creams and hair gels or conditioners and facial masks is the type from sheep placentas, not from human placentas.

You may be surprised to find out that women in different cultures have discovered plenty of placenta benefits from using their own placenta after they give birth.

How Women Use Placenta In Other Cultures

In some cultures, it’s common to make soup out of the placenta and have a big community event to celebrate the new baby brought into the world.

By the way, the placenta benefits that other women in different cultures swear by include the following:

✓ normalization of all the female hormones right after giving birth
✓ quick loss of weight after giving birth
✓ even moods during the days after giving birth
✓ no postpartum depression

These placenta benefits are from consuming the placenta, either by cooking it and eating it as if it were any other organ meat like liver, or by dehydrating it and encapsulating it and taking a few of the capsules every day.

Why The Placenta Gives Good Results

Where all the benefits come from is inside the cells of the placenta. These are the cells that become any one of a number of cells in the body as a fetus is developing.

For example, if the fetus is developing a nervous system, then the placenta cells will differentiate into becoming cells of the nervous system.

If the fetus is developing bone cells and cartilage cells, the placenta cells will differentiate and become bone or cartilage cells.

And if the fetus is developing new skin, the placenta cells will differentiate and become new perfectly youthful looking skin cells.

Now imagine the power of the placenta cells if you use them on your face. The placenta will begin to rejuvenate the cells of your face and foster the differentiation of new skin cells on your face.

The Proof Is In The Placenta Treatment

The placenta benefits you will experience are probably as amazing as the ones I have seen with some of my friends.

I thought of the oldest women with the most wrinkles and invited them over to do a placenta face treatment.

The treatment itself took about 30 minutes and included a ceramide cream that mimics the ceramides in skin that give the skin a porcelain doll look.

These women looked like their skin was forgotten and neglected – it was gray, had lost its luster, and had lots of wrinkles. But after the placenta, they looked much better.

The women couldn’t stop touching their face; it felt that good. The wrinkles had started to fill in as well.

These placenta benefits seemed pretty incredible to me and I know you would find them incredible for you as well, especially in conjunction with your facial exercises.

Do try to experience it! You will be on your way to developing china doll porcelain beautiful skin.

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