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How To Get Fuller Lips Naturally With Facial Exercises?

How To Get Fuller Lips?

Bee-stung lips are all the rage these days with celebrities all over the globe opting for a shot of collagen to the lips to achieve that desirable plump pout. However, many of us don’t have the money to pay for regular collagen injections and lots of us are aware of how wrong this vanity procedure can go.

None of us want to end up with the dreaded ‘trout pout’ look!

The good news is that facial exercises targeting the lips can help to plump up the volume of your lips. What’s more with facial exercises there are no unpleasant side effects and no long-lasting damage to your face, as some people experience with collagen injections.

Just beautiful plump lips naturally sculptured by your own efforts.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to get fuller lips naturally then read on…

Plump Lips Without Surgery

Before beginning facial exercises to target the lips you can try out some of the following helpful hints and tips for the lip area.

By increasing blood flow to your lips it’s possible to make them appear plumper, however the effects of the following will only be temporary.

On the plus side they are far cheaper than resorting to costly collagen injections!

1. When brushing your teeth begin by giving your lips a brush too! It’s probably better to use a separate toothbrush for lip brushing to the one you use to clean your teeth.

Gently rubbing the lips with a toothbrush will help to exfoliate the skin and encourage blood flow to the lips helping them to appear smoother and plumper.

2. Honey can be used to plump up your lips naturally. Applying a light layer of honey to your lips encourages the skin to draw moisture to the surface, giving lips a temporary plumping boost.

Natural and delicious too, just make sure you don’t keep licking the honey off your lips!

3. Some people suggest using concentrated peppermint or cinnamon leaf oil on your lips to increase blood flow and to give them a fuller-looking, healthy glow.

Don’t apply these oils neat to the lips however, add a drop or two to your favorite lip balm or lip gloss pot. These oils are very concentrated, so make sure you use only the tiniest amount, you’ll definitely feel a tingle!

How To Get Plump Lips With Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can help to improve all areas of the face including the lips. When performing them make sure you are relaxed and comfortable, you can sit or stand but try to make sure that your back is straight.

Perform facial exercises in front of your mirror to make sure that you are getting the techniques right and targeting the area you want improve.

For more permanent plumping to the lip area, try out the following facial exercises that target the lips.

Exercise 1

Target the muscles around the mouth with the following exercise to improve your pout. You might feel a little bit silly but have fun with this one. It really helps to work the muscles of the mouth and can help to iron out wrinkles.

➠ Begin by puckering up and pursing your lips, as if you’re about to give someone a kiss

➠ At the same time as you pucker up make an ‘ooooooo’ sound for a count of 5

➠ Next pull your mouth into a big, wide smile, imagine pulling the corners of your mouth out towards your ears, open the mouth as you smile

➠ At the same time as forming the smile make an ‘eeeeeee’ sound for a count of 5

➠ Repeat 10 times

Exercise 2

This next exercise also works the lips in a similar way to the first exercise, by simply reversing the motion, however this time the mouth is kept shut throughout the exercise.

➠ Sit comfortably with your mouth closed, stay relaxed – don’t ‘clamp’ your mouth shut.

➠ Allow your upper and lower teeth to touch gently.

➠ Smile as widely as possible keeping your lips together and mouth shut

➠ Hold for a count of 5

➠ As you release the hold form an O with your lips as if you were about to give someone a kiss

➠ Hold for a count of 5 before releasing

➠ Repeat 10 times

Exercise 3

This exercise plumps up the lips whilst also helping to erase any lines along the upper lip.

➠ Place the thumbs of both hands under the middle of your top lip resting your thumbnails gently against your gums

➠ Very gently pull your upper lip down over your thumbs

➠ Hold for a count of 5 and then release

➠ Repeat the exercise along the whole length of your upper lip

Plumper Lips Can Be Yours

Thin lips are notoriously difficult to plump up without resorting to cosmetic procedures but many people do not want to inject their faces with artificial ingredients and that is more than understandable!

There is a lot than can go wrong when it comes to cosmetic procedures for lips and some people have been left with permanently misshapen, hard and over inflated lips as a result of using collagen injections and other fillers.

Along with some temporary lip plumping measures facial exercises that target the lips can help you to achieve longer lasting results for this difficult area.

Many facial exercises for lips involve working on the lines, creases and wrinkles that can affect this part of the face. By helping to smooth out and plump up the whole area around the mouth the lips will appear firmer and plumper.

And it goes without saying that a natural looking plump pout will look far better than one that has been over inflated or artificially enhanced by adding fillers of any kind!

If a perfect pout and a younger looking face is your goal then look no further!

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