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7 Winter Skin Care Tips

Get Up And Glow This Winter

It goes without saying that skin care in winter will differ from the kind of skin care regime you adopt in the warmer months.

The colder weather brings with it several common skin complaints, the most obvious two being dry skin and a lackluster complexion.

The following are some helpful winter skin care tips to help you maintain your glow during the cold season.

How To Take Care Of Skin In Winter

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Our skin often looks better in the summer because we tend to drink more fluids during the warmer weather.In particular we may up our intake of water.

Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of cold water may not seem so appealing once the colder weather sets in, so try upping your intake of herbal teas or simply drink boiled water that has been left to cool down slightly, add a slice of lemon to taste.

2. Get Moving

We also tend to exercise more during the warmer months.

Let’s face it heading outdoors for a run or summoning up the energy to make it to the gym takes a lot of will power when it’s cold outside.

And yet we all know that exercise is excellent for the complexion as it helps to pump blood to the skin’s surface and also encourages our bodies to flush away skin sapping toxins.

You don’t have to go outside but try to exercise throughout the winter making sure your chosen type of exercise gets your pulse rate up.

3. Change Your Products To Suit

The biggest battle between winter skin care versus summer skin care is that your skin becomes drier and loses some of its luster, so you may want to think about swapping your skin care products for ones that work better on dry skin.

Just as you don’t wear the same clothes in winter and summer, you don’t want to use same skin care products.

Choose a richer moisturizer or facial oil if your skin can tolerate it and swap your regular cleanser for one that includes more moisture enhancing properties.

Products containing glycerin, vitamin E and aloe are all useful when it comes to giving dry winter skin the TLC it needs.

4. Fight The Flakes – Change Your Makeup

During the summer months a shiny complexion can be a problem and you may find that your makeup literally can’t stand the heat, sliding off your face or giving your face a shiny appearance rather than glow.

In the winter the opposite is true and you can find that your regular foundation is difficult to apply, ends up looking flaky and shows up any dry patches on your skin.

In winter you may need to switch to a different foundation – liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers make the best choice if you want to maintain a dewy looking complexion.

5. Focus On Inner Beauty

It’s easy to resort to a stodgy diet and comfort eating once it starts to get colder but this is one of the most common reasons for dull looking skin during the winter months.

Combine the effects of the weather with the holiday season and all the rich food on offer and you have a certain recipe for ‘skin disaster’.

Eating ‘clean’ is the latest trend in healthy eating.

It simply means eating your foods in as natural a state as possible, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and avoiding foods laden with unhealthy fats, sugars and additives.

Winter brings with it a whole range of healthy veggies that can be made into sumptuously slow-cooked skin enhancing broths, soups and stews. So make the most of nature’s harvest.

6. Protect Your Skin From The Elements

You might find it hard to believe when you are shivering away during the winter months, but believe it or not sunscreen isn’t just a beauty product for the summertime.

Winter sun can still damage your skin and this is more of a problem if you are outdoors in the snow as snow glare strengthens the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Make sure you continue to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to your face if you are going to be spending an extended period of time outdoors and don’t forget to reapply it regularly if you are going to be outside for a long time.

Also wrap up warm if you are going to be outdoors a hat and scarf that you can shield your face with will protect your skin from biting winds that can also dry out your skin and lead to permanent lines and wrinkles.

7. Don’t Forget The Rest!

Dry skin in winter can occur all over so remember to give your whole body a bit of extra care over the winter months.

Baths and showers that are too hot will dry out your skin as too much heat breaks down the skin’s lipid barrier, leading to skin dryness.

Try to keep your baths and showers lukewarm and don’t stay in for too long.

If you find that the skin on your body dries out so much in the colder months and becomes itchy or uncomfortable try adding baking soda or oatmeal to your bath.

And don’t forget to replenish lost moisture with a rich body butter or cream paying particular attention to those stubborn dry areas – the elbows, knees and ankles.

Home Remedies For Winter Skin

When it comes to dry winter skin it has to be said that natural is best. You cannot beat natural skin care if you want to give your skin a moisture boost that is healthy.

Many shop bought skin care products contain ingredients that irritate dry skin or make the problem worse.

The art of making your own dry skin home remedies is a great deal of fun and much easier than you may think.

There has been a great boom in recent years in the number of people turning to homemade skin care products to save money and to guarantee an all-natural, healthy approach to skin care.

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