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Best Facial Exercises For Jowls

Put Your Best Face Forward

Facial exercises for jowls provide a natural alternative to a cosmetic face lift. With specific types of jowls exercise you can redefine your jaw line and create a more youthful, smoother and firmer contour.

This is good news for those of us who do not have an endless supply of money to spend on spa treatments or who cannot afford cosmetic surgery to correct sagging jowls.

Your Face Is Their Fortune

The fact is that everyone of us will age, not one of us can escape or halt the aging process. However we can slow the process and improve on what we have without having to resort to a face lift, cosmetic fillers and injectables or chemical peels.

Cosmetic procedures are costly, can be painful, need to be continually kept up with and the results are debatable.

Sometimes cosmetic procedures go wrong – we have all read the disaster stories and seen the photos – and sometimes, cosmetic surgery just makes people look, well… weird… to put it frankly.

Subtle face lifts done on younger patients (within the 40-50 age range) may look reasonably good however after the late 40s we can all spot someone who has had a face lift and/or has a face that has been injected full of fillers.

These people don’t necessarily look younger they just look like older people who have had cosmetic work done. No one is fooled.

The truth is facial exercises work with what you have and won’t cost you thousands of dollars. This is not good news for the plastic surgery business

Why People Are Avoiding Cosmetic Procedures

Fortunately there seems to have been something of a backlash against cosmetic procedures for the face in recent years. People are finally waking up to the fact that a stretched, expressionless face is not such a good look after all.

Your face tells your life story, expresses your emotions and conveys empathy to others, in other words you use your face to communicate.

Many actors and actresses are now shunning cosmetic procedures, particularly muscle relaxing injectables, because being unable to express emotion via the face interferes with the quality of their acting performances.

The Natural Way To A Vibrant Youthful Face

Facial exercises are the obvious alternative to cosmetic procedures as they work to build the underlying muscles of the face. This muscle building helps to replace lost fat and collagen, also making up for lost volume.

Facial exercises also provide the added bonus of rejuvenating your skin and giving it a more luminous glow.

Sagging underneath the chin and jaw line, sometimes referred to as a slack jaw line, is a common complaint. Sagging jowls can make us look older and more tired than we are however facial exercises that give jowls definition can go a long way in helping to tighten this problem area.

What’s more face exercises for jowls and the jaw line may help people who suffer from Temporo-mandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ). These exercises tone and strengthen the muscles of the jaw helping to alleviate the muscles soreness and pain related to this condition.

Understanding The Muscles Of The Jaw

Muscles of the lower face and jaw include:

  • The massetter. One of the muscles of mastication, used for chewing.
  • Pterygoideus externus. A mastication/chewing muscle that also enables you to open the mouth.
  • Pterygoideus internus. A mastication muscle that enables you to close the mouth.
  • Platysma. This band of thin, broad muscular fibers located under the skin on either side of the neck, enables you to push your lower jaw down.

Working these muscles using facial exercises for jowls you can tone, tighten and lift your jaw line.

A toned jaw line is desirable for both men and women but this area is prone to sagging, usually as we enter our 40s or 50s, and this is the time when the dreaded jowls are most likely to develop.

Jowls Exercise To Lift Your Looks

The following exercises will help to firm and tone the jaw line. Remember that to see results you will need to practice regularly and notice the gradual, sometimes subtle changes to your face that will occur with time and practice.

The good news is that facial exercises are preventative as well as corrective so it’s never too early to start practicing these exercises to keep away a sad and saggy tired looking face.

Sit in a straight-backed, comfortable chair to perform the exercises and practice in front of a mirror if it helps.

Exercise 1

  • Jut your chin out
  • Keep your head forward
  • Press your lips together
  • Lower your jaw
  • Push your jaw forward
  • Hold for a count of ten
  • Repeat five times

Exercise 2

  • Tilt your head backwards comfortably
  • Make a chewing action by imagining you are chewing food
  • Keep your lips together but not pressed too tightly
  • Chew for a count of twenty
  • Repeat another two or three times

Exercise 3

  • Place your fingers just below the jaw line
  • Tilt your head backwards
  • Curl your bottom lip over your top lip
  • Turn your head to one side
  • Tighten the cheek muscles and shut your eyes tightly
  • As you turn slide your fingers up along the jaw line
  • Repeat for each side five times

Face Up To The Facts

Exercising the facial muscles gives the skin an entirely natural facelift because the muscles of our faces are attached to the skin, by building and plumping up these muscles we can also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Many people are now realizing that it isn’t necessary to resort to costly cosmetic procedures, subject our bodies to unneeded surgeries or fill our faces with strange chemical substances to look good.

Facial exercise, a healthy nutritious diet, regular physical exercise and adequate rest will go a long way in keeping your face looking at it’s best. Remember we cannot help getting older but we don’t have to look older.

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