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Practice Facial Exercises for Facial Fitness

Do facial exercises work? It depends on whom you ask. Health and fitness experts strongly recommend exercise as a good foundation for physical fitness. But not all of these fitness gurus will readily promote facial exercises for face fitness.

This is something that is rather absurd to them, something that is only theoretical at best. Plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinic operators give facial exercises worse verdict. These professionals regard such exercises as a scam.And yet before and after pictures and success stories of those who were able to achieve facial fitness through facial exercises abound.

What does it mean to be fit? To be fit is to possess great physical form and to be in shape to perform above the norm athletic feats.

Successful athletes are fit. They have toned body muscles and can utilize them to either run fast, jump high, or swim with the most precise and graceful strokes.

Similarly a face that is fit will have great contours and elastic skin and muscle tissue only children and younger teenagers are known to have. But athletic fitness has a limit.

Being fit is not tantamount to being healthy. How many athletes with marvelous physiques have been diagnosed with either a debilitating or life-threatening disease?

The notion of facial fitness being propounded on this site is one that combines both inner health and outer symmetrical beauty by way of practicing facial exercises.

Facial distortion often manifesting as a droopy and bloated countenance responds pretty well to facial exercises, especially if complemented with a good diet and enough sleep and rest.

But how do these facial exercises work and what exactly can the practice of these deliver?

A Lowdown On Facial Exercises

Facial exercises work by enlarging and strengthening individual facial muscles, thereby enhancing your unique features and making you look a lot younger than your actual age.

These exercises also increase blood and oxygen circulation through regular muscle contraction. Increased circulation will allow nutrients to reach and penetrate your muscle and skin tissue.

It is these nutrients that serve as the building blocks of toned facial muscles and smoother, tighter, and healthier facial skin.

Facial exercises have highly rejuvenating properties due to the way they strengthen and shape sagging and elongated facial muscles.

They have the ability to firm and lift both the upper and lower cheeks, eliminate jowls and pouches, tighten flaccid throat and neck muscles, minimize swollen upper eyelids and under eye bags, erase crow’s feet and lines in the forehead and between the brows, lift saggy mouth corners, define the jawline and plump up thin lips.

Men and women can both enjoy these natural non surgical face lift benefits by being dedicated in practicing facial toning exercises. Give them a fair trial and you’ll see for yourself that yes, facial exercises do work.

Facial Firming Exercises

Facial muscle exercises, alternately known as facial yoga exercises, will do wonders to your aging or bloated face if followed correctly and regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet and positive lifestyle habits.

The following are three exercises that you can do to treat fat cheeks, double chinunder eye bags, sagging jowls, and loose neck and throat muscles.

Facial Firming Exercise 1

This exercise will help tighten sagging jowls and pouches. Place your fingertips right on top of the lines running from the corner of your outer nostrils down to the corners of your mouth then smile widely.

Apply enough pressure on these folds as you smile with your teeth bared. This is a resistance exercise so you must not let go of the pressure while smiling.

Press your fingertips down for about five seconds, then release the resistance. Repeat thirty times.

Facial Firming Exercise 2

This exercise is good for firming and toning the cheeks, jowls, chin and neck. This facial exercise is difficult to perform at first, so you must be very relaxed while you’re doing this.

Look at the ceiling by titling your head backward. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and swallow. Then bend your head slightly to the left and swallow.

Bend your head to your right and swallow. Your tongue must be touching the roof of your mouth throughout the exercise.

Repeat 4 times in all three directions.

Facial Firming Exercise No. 3

Tighten your sagging eyes muscles and lift the brow area with this very simple exercise.

While keeping the brow relaxed and unruffled, widen your eyes like you would in a state of shock or surprise.

Focus looking straight at one point for ten seconds.

Do this exercise four more times.

Other Things You Can Do To Reduce Face Fat

1) Limit your fat intake to just 20 percent of your total calorie intake. If you’re consuming 2,200 calories each day, your calories from fat should only be 440.

One gram of fat has nine calories, so divide 440 by 9 and the quotient that you get is the number of fat grams that you are allowed to consume, which would be around 48 to 49 grams.

Choose your fats wisely. Raw plant fats are best both for their nutritional and healing properties.

2) Eat at least ten servings of fresh raw produce each day to trigger your body to go on a powerful detox. Consume five servings each of your favorite fruits and vegetables, with one cup counting as one serving.

Make fresh smoothies and raw vegetables juices to digest these yummy healthy drinks more easily and to absorb their nutrients at a faster rate.

These also make great post-workout refreshments that will keep you from binging on unhealthy food after your aerobic or cardio exercise.

3) The savasana, while a traditional yoga pose, is very beneficial for the face. This simple asana (otherwise known as the corpse pose) may look like it’s doing nothing for your face, but it actually helps reduce facial puffiness if done over a period of time.

Lie down with your feet about one and a half feet apart. Place your hands palms up about six inches away from the side of your outer thighs. Keep your arms straight.

Relax your jaw and let your tongue rest on the floor of your jaw. Let your eyes go deep down to their sockets. You have to be completely relaxed throughout this pose.

Now you know that facial sculpting is not as difficult or complicated as it initially seemed. So what are you waiting for? Start flexing those facial muscles now and be wowed by the results in as early as two weeks.

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